Well, its been fun.

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  1. As many of you may have noticed, there was the empire-wide announcement of the test PvP server, and golly that was AWESOME! Even though it was rather brief, Weirdmanaico and I managed to get a small little base running and found a good amount of iron that was smelting. And for a few moments, everyone thought I was Justin! I'm a bit bummed it didn't last for that long, but since it seemed to just be a test, I can't wait to see how the final project turns out! So tell me, what did you do on it and what do you think of it?
  2. I thought this was a good-bye thread, but its fun there.
  3. Btw, sorry about killing you, but someone with a J and R in their name was stealing our stuff, and before we got a good look at his name he warped away.
  4. WAIT....as soon as I decide to leave EMC there's a PvP arena on?

    I'm bummed.
  5. Well... Aikar on Aikar.co getting Max to kill us with fire...
  6. Aikar tested his server. Aikar.co is the IP or am i not allowd to say it here? if yes, I'll remove it
  7. what server?:eek:
  8. me and jack said it allready. Aikar.co
  9. Wild Reach PVP :)

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  10. And here's the team! :)

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  11. So, here's the highlights of so far:
    • nfell connecting and using flyhacks
    • Aikar banning nfell (again)
    • Max killing everyone with fire and blazes
    • Aikar killing everyone with fire and blazes
    • Death
    • More Death
    • Spawn becoming filled with lava (so that you spawn in it -_- )
    • /nuke
  12. 10th Doctor and 11th in the same location. We're gonna break something.
  13. This is so fun.
    Wild Reach, PvP edition is awesome! :D
  14. i got on got killed 50 times then lava turned into water and it blew up and now its down
  15. Oh the ending…xD
    TNT sent me flying. :D That was the best test I've ever been on.
  16. Is it gone? I can't connect :/
  17. yes, but this was not testing EMC pvp... this was testing a change to the networking of minecraft (which sadly did not turn out the way I hoped), and it just HAPPENED to have pvp still on....

    this was a raw barely any plugin bukkit server lol.
  18. It didn't even have an economy to destroy...
    has that joke worn out yet??
  19. Actually, it did.

    But Aikar couldn't work out how to use it...
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  20. this was amazing until 3 people decided to spam the /back