Well guys..

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  1. Chuck Norris, shaved his beard... God he looks so wimpy without it...
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  2. I hate everything. My life is completely ruined.
  3. That image looks wimpy.
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  4. Maybe he wanted to see if there really was another fist under there.

    Did he roundhouse kick it off?
  5. Wouldnt be suprised. ;)
  6. Did anyone else think this was a quitting thread? o-o
  7. Welp, no stopping bullets now. You're vulnerable now, Chuck!
  8. I didn't even recognize him. Then it must be true.
  9. Chuck Norris??? :confused: - Who's Chuck Norris?? :rolleyes:
  10. He's an American martial artist and movie star. Several years ago jokes started circulating about how tough he is: http://www.chucknorrisfacts.com/chuck-norris-top-50-facts

    I always thought the jokes were goofy, since the first time I ever saw him was in Bruce Lee's, "The Way of the Dragon". In it, he plays a bad guy who gets his ass handed to him by the Bruceman.
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  11. Ah now, Bruce Lee a different kettle of fish :p
  12. I did......
    Your Fluttershy GIF is amazing o_o
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  13. I saw him most recently in Expendables 2......
    They worked the cobra joke in there and it was the most amazing thing ever......
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  14. Thank you :3
  15. Well, I think since Chuck Norris shaved his beard and as a result everything has been ruined, it may well be an implied quitting thread.
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