Well done EMC, 90k Players

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  1. We just hit 90k players

    Here are the latest players. Notice the 90k player totally does not look like a troll...

  2. Well ateast we saw it hit
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  3. 90k of forum members...

    We have 264,812 members in total

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  4. Beat me to it!

    So its time for plan B.

    90.000 EMC forum members can't be wrong!

    (and boy does that quote bring back memories!) :p

    Anyway, I had it all planned out, hope you can forgive me from sharing the already shared as well:


    Latest member? Is that for real or? conspiracies! :)
  5. Wait for it.. Wait for it.. and the 90,000 member is.. _EmpireMinecraft!?

    I carl GG WP
  6. Hip hip horay! *throws confetti* :p

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  7. Yeah was waiting for it to his 90k but didn't catch it lol. Anyways well done EMC :)
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  8. Yah, you as a staff member are probably into this conspiracy theory! ;)


    (I sooo couldn't help myself ;))
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  9. Somebody knew exactly what they were doing lol
  10. I wonder who :p
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  11. If you're suggesting what I think you're suggesting, it's not me lol.
  12. Awesome! And here's to another 10k more, woop! :D
  13. Hmm...interesting. _EmpireMinecraft's forum number (in his URL) is 90579, even though he's only the 90,000th member.

    That 579 people must be the number of people who are sitebanned, and presumably not counted in the member count.
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  14. Site banned members still appear. Those are members who have been deleted.
  15. Damn, what would you need to do to get deleted?
  16. Put lava walls up around the forums
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  17. Probably request your account to be deleted. Deleting the user means they can come back.

    The way MySQL and Xenforo work is that when a new user is created they're are assigned the ID which is an auto-increment through MySQL. If the user is deleted and they're records deleted from the database MySQL still remembers their ID and thus will keep adding on when new members join. Exmaple:

    3 (Deleted)
    4 (Joined after 3 was deleted)
  18. 3 years this June you guys, #nevur5get
  19. *whispers*
    never :p
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