Welcome JDHallows to the Developer Team!

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  1. Everyone please welcome JDHallows to the EMC Developer team!
    JDHallows decided to add yet another title to his name and help out with the code behind EMC.

    The amount our team has grown is so super exciting, and the community will really start to feel the benefit of our new developer team size.

    Thank you for the assistance in finishing up The Survival Update v2 with us JD and being so quick to jump into a new code base and contribute :)

    Welcome to the team!
  2. Welcome to the team, boiii!!!
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  3. Congratulations JD! :D
  4. Another oneeee

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  5. Congratulations JDH! Our lovely dev team continues to grow!
  6. Congrats! JDeveloperHallows!
  7. He's still doing firefloor, right?!

    Congrats JD :)
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  8. Congrats JD! :D Now start working your butt off so we can be closer to Dragon Tombs :p
  9. Congrats JD! GG
  10. Woohoo!!! Congrats JD :D
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  11. Woohoo!! Grats!! :D
  12. Congrats! to ya JD :D
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  13. Oh Good Lord mr Hallows!! I so missed this thread!! :oops: .. we'll forget all about that :rolleyes:...

    Congratz!! on turning rather Blu Mr. Hallows Sir! :cool:

    ok not so much a blue as you are minty but we all know yer blu deep down.;)