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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by AdinD, May 1, 2014.

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  1. Hey guys, last night I had a really really weird dream EMC... Here it is.

    Ok. I am on EMC. On the forums, there are a ton of posts about EMC shutting down. Everyone is mad and everything. I go on smp, and I spawn in a weird drop party maze. My though is that Aikar and Kryssy are trying to have a drop party to calm everyone down. I get some weird promo feather that says "Emc closing ceremony" and I think, why do I even need this if the server is closing?. Then I woke up in real life, and I hurridly check Emc thinking it wouldn't be there. Thankfully, it is.

    My question: is this a sign? Like with all the demoting thats happened.
  2. right, a bit weird but a bit funny. lol
  3. We can't know if it's a sign :p Did you know that you were dreaming or thought it was real at that moment?
  4. I've had dreams like this before, they scare me to be completely honest
    I don't think EMC will shut down, at least not in the near future. But we'll see
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  5. *dear lord thank you for sending this great sign. Now I can evacuate before I find myself inf front of a creeper.*
  6. Come now, you can't seriously believe that.
    From what I know from dreams, they happen when you're asleep, and while your brain is processing the events from the day. From all the recent demotions and your love for EMC or something like that, your brain must've just collided the events to create the reality... ( This is most likely inaccurate; but it's just what I think )
    Anyways, dreams can't become real, end of story.
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  7. So I can't be a computer programmer when I grow up?
    oh you meant the other *dreams*
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  8. *has dream* *faints in the dream* *has the same dream while fainted* *infinite loop*
  9. Love the fire nation signature =P sorry just had to say it
  10. That makes two people who have commented on that! xD Thanks!
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  12. Feathers in dreams are a symbol of traveling or moving freely.....all though they say white feathers have a meaning of starting fresh in a spiritual I guess that makes sense if you dreamed it with EMC closing and moving on from there?

    Dreams are confusing sometimes and totally out of the blue with the meaning. lol:p
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  13. If dreams actually mean something I will become a secret agent with a salt and pepper shaker and shove one of them into a pool of mist might be a portal to the underworld idk because I thought it was a secret agent... It was a weird dream.
  14. Well that's why dreams are confusing, because you don't always get the answer at the end of it. :p

    The dream has more meaning to you than it does us, so where its "moving to" is really up to you.

    But I wouldn't lose any sleep over it, EMC is going to be here for a long time. A drastic "no return" type of situation would have to happen for EMC to close down.

    Sweet Dreams,
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  15. It is a sign that your dreams do not always come true.
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  16. i hope it's not a deja-vu.... oh and that dream was probably a nightmare :B
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