We should give a thank!

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Do you think they have a good staff?

Da! 19 vote(s) 38.8%
Yeah! 24 vote(s) 49.0%
Yes! 21 vote(s) 42.9%
Sure.. 10 vote(s) 20.4%
No. 6 vote(s) 12.2%
They stink! 16 vote(s) 32.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi guys, Today, I decided to make a Thread on the Staff of this server. They are the best staff a server could have. I wanna thank RainbowChin and Aphaea mostly. They are so FREAKING awesome!
    They make the server so much fun for me, and including the players, they make it so much fun! Anyways, the point is, this server, and there staff, this is just amazing. Thank you, Staff, you're the best!
  2. EMCBot thanks you for your thanks :)
  3. I made a thread like this, then my little monkey, SEPTHEKID, decided to rebel...
  4. I prefer to thank myself for being perfect. ;)
  5. Thank you, thats' nice!!!!1
  6. Um, ok?
  7. I feel pretty left out here.
  8. I would like to thank all the EXDROIDANARY staff(which is all the staff ) for making this server SO FUN!!!! :D

  9. Okay, on a more serious point, thanks to all the staff. You guys make your mistakes and all, but you're there for us in the end.
  10. As we only get one thank, I would like to give mine to chickeneer. I really think he deserves his recent promotion to Senior Staff - Developer. congratz on mod chicken
  11. What's up with the congrats on mod stuff with chickeneer? ;-;
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  12. I like all of them except that BlackKnight fellow. He looks a bit . . . shifty.
  13. What'd you expect from an SMP8er?
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  14. Don't worry, you're great at effin ba.... waaiiiittt...
  15. He's those type of people your parents tell you to keep away from.
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  16. Idk, maybe something like that one friend who never says anything, but you know has some sort of double life as a vigilante.

    They won't even let the dog go near him.
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  17. Also, I wanna give a special thank, to our great, awesome, kryssyjane9191. Thank you, krssy!
  18. Werid video...
  19. Gratz on iron supporter chicken
  20. ??, ok....