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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Herbrin3, May 6, 2012.

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  1. Another great, respected minecraft player has just quit SMP9, because of the lack of moderation in the town chat.

    Town chat is a constant barrage of ALL CAPS, juvenile insults, flooding and general stupidity. It's frustrating, it spoils the fun, and it's driving away the nice players.

    We need good mods, who will watch the town chat and take appropriate actions - ie polite warnings, followed by a swift kick when necessary.

    At the moment, we're lucky if there is a mod there for 10 minutes within any given day.
  2. I have noticed that but on smp2-3-6 its not really too bad :)
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  3. Even if you dont see mods online, they are watching in square. Also remember to do /report if you see this kind of thing in chat.
  4. Well, if they're watching, they're certainly not doing anything. And yes, I use /report all the time. Occasionally, it helps; but usually too late to be of any real benefit.
    I should add - whenever I *have* spoken to mods, they've been helpful. However, they're simply not available often enough; there is not enough control.
  5. yeah that's true but most moderators have jobs so they are half busy with that like akair and d1223m (work at home)
  6. You have to realize that mods cant be watching chat 24/7 as they have to moderate the forums, as well as deal with actual life.

    There are under 30 mods currently, which means roughly 3 per server. Then you have to understand that they are in different timezones and cannot be online 24 hours a day. They get on when they can.

    An easy solution to the chat problems is this nice feature Justin added called /report . Many times I have reported players for chat violations and such, and almost immediately after the report is sent, a mod either logs in to the server and takes care of it, or takes care of it via the staff program(not sure of its name).
  7. smp1 is a wildzone too
  8. we get mods every once and awhile on smp1 but not too often.. I see nursekill, icc, and green myst every so ofton but thats it.. I would agree we need to promote some active users who have been here for awhile and know what their doing
  9. "CakeBoss for moderator!!"

    Haha :p
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  10. Yeah Smp9 is really wild but im considering coming back if things get better :)
  11. Right now, there is a player repeating messages such as "F**K ALL N*****S" (without the *'s), and "F**K YOUR MOM", "This server is shit", etc; every few seconds - and has been for the past 10 minutes. I've reported the player; I've also looked on other servers and said "we need a mod on smp9".

    This sort of thing happens all the time, and it's simply unacceptable.
  12. Psssst Edit a couple of things!

    I do have to agree with Herbrin3. I have taken action myself but people just doesn't listen to people who are not shown as a moderator or a high ranked personel. I would sign up as a moderator but my trouble in my past is not looking too good for me. Moderators aren't just that active anymore, we need more active moderators that take action quickly and resolve problems in a well mannered way.
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  13. P.S. The player was permanently banned, by Aikar, about another 4 mins after I posted. (He'd started simply flooding the channel with nonsense characters). But that's quite a long time, for many nice players to be disrupted. And yes, of course we can /ignore - but not everyone knows that, or knows how to do it - plus it's impossible to tell people how, when the chat is so flooded with abuse.

    So - thank you Aikar. But it's a shame it can't be quicker. It's also a shame that there were no mods showing up on any of the five servers I tried - and there still aren't. So there is nobody I can contact when this sort of thing happens.
  14. smp4 is quite good community. It has a lot of friendly members that will welcome u to our community. Though sometimes we end up with silly arguments and green_mystery shows up. XD
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  15. /ignore really saves the day
  16. I think maybe it's not so much a case of needing new/more mods as it's a case of needing more responsible players who will use the /report system. Every time I've needed a mod, they are just a /report or a private message away, and I've never had to wait more than a few minutes...
  17. ...and now, there is another player, saying "BAN ME" / "CUZ IM USING CAPS" / "!!!", and more repetition and trolling. They began at 03:36 UK Time; so let's see how long this one takes. I reported them almost immediately.
  18. all mods i have dealt with have been nice and "good" mods people just need to stop breaking the rules
  19. Not bad at all, actually; banned within 3 minutes by NurseKilljoy. That's more like it.
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