We must end this

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Which is best?

Poll closed Dec 10, 2013.
Pies 26 vote(s) 25.0%
Muffins 29 vote(s) 27.9%
Why not both? *Mexican Music. 49 vote(s) 47.1%
  1. We must end a battle that has been going on since the begining of time. Politicians have been arguing since the birth of government. Physicist have never been able to prove which is better. Pies or Muffins? Vote in the pole above.
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  2. I sense Cordial and Brick are near...
    Pie is better though :D
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  4. You got me with the Mexican music, you just can't bet that.

  5. We're already here.

    *cough* no it's not *cough*
    Anyways, to the point of this thread, I seriously think me and Cordial should work it out, not... others.... :p
  6. *mexican music*
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  7. Oh yes brick, shall we begin?

    Pies come in all flavors, all delightfully delicious, you can pretty much add any fruit you want, it'll taste great. There are even meat pies, nut pies, whatever kind you want.

    Muffins are gross, they are crumbly, pieces of brown bread. You can add fruit, yes, but small bits and pieces, it may be blue berries, but, they get hard and crumbly from sitting alone on the counter all day.

  8. So um. Well no offense brick but I don't like muffins that much. Pie is also very good.
    But PIZZA. Now that's yummy!
    (Pizza is better than muffins and pie)
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  9. Comment for muffin flavored pie or pie flavored muffins.
  10. Enchiladas!
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  11. Pizza is a pie.

    Muffin flavored pie shall be burned at the stake.

    Pie flavored muffins will be disemuffined and blended and thrown into rotten mayonnaise.
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  12. My favorite is food. Food is good. Food is the best.
  13. Pies! I demand that thy pies are thy best out of both! :D
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  14. My favorite is Pizza. Pizza is good. Pizza is the best.
  15. Yes! Pies! :cool:
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  16. Well that's food isn't it?
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  17. Pizza is a pie! So... you must be on the light side (pies)! Don't go to the dark side (muffins)! ;)
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  18. The longer I think on it, the closer I get to pie. Not only is it just as delicious as muffins, but it's also a versatile throwing weapon
  19. Hey there little miss sunshine, maybe you should respect others ideas! I mean, who cares right? You think muffins are gross, well okay then, but respect Brick's decision that he think pies are disgusting. Just stop instigating something that is pretty much dead already. /endrant.
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