We have a Utopia, Do we need a Dystopia?

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  1. We have a Utopia, Do we need a Dystopia?

    This isn't a rant about "the good old days". I joined in the 1.12 heyday of plenty of activity and then came the boo-ing when 1.13 came out and it wasn't stable enough to update. There was a lot of talk about "leaving forever" because of it and there was a lot of turnover of players.

    These "new days" are good. We now have global chat. Which is an update that changed the Empire. The quality of players is good. We don't have the quantity of players that h-pix-l has and never will, but we don't have pvp and that is a chosen trade-off. In the realm of suggestions, I might bring up that oldie, but goodie: that a Dystopia server for the anarchists might help to alleviate some of those desires that some players have.

    I personally don't need this type of server and cannot offer any specifics of how it would work. My only comment here is that joining that server should have chat set to /cs automatically so that those players aren't bothering the rest of the server while they yell at each other.
  2. SkyBlock was all I ever wanted added.
  3. I think this could be an interesting possibility, but one concern I have would be that any pvp drama between players might carry over to the non pvp servers.
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  4. I like the idea of having an anarchy esque smp where you have to always check your back. Perhaps no griefing or stealing but allow pvp to be enabled and then wether players drop items or not upon death is for its own discussion but anything that would add more possible pvp onto the empire im all for!
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  5. I'd say we already have that, it's the PVP arenas, but SMP6's arenas were removed since PVP activity died down as the server's activity died down. :rolleyes:
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  6. While anarchy is fun... for like a bit anyway it has no place in the EMC family of things. Cause realistically all it would be is just what we already have in the wilderness, minus the build protections and maybe PvP on. Basically normal vanilla Minecraft at that point. The only *real* appeal of anarchy imo is getting to utilize them juicy hack clients and utilize every available exploit in the books to cause as much chaos and gain as much power as humanly possible and then subject those to said chaos and power. This attitude does not belong even within the same realm of EMC as it goes against what I believe EMC stands for.

    I may be wrong, but I remember the first mentions of Dystopia being just how Utopia is, but permanently nighttime with the difficulty turned onto 10 regardless of what you personally have it set to. With added sprinkles of extra mob events, world events, disasters, what you will with the power of custom plugins.
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  7. TBH, that sounds a lot more interesting than an anarchy server, though I would hope that the loot drops would be a lot better than diff 10 drops on the other servers.
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  8. Although I like pvp and it would be cool I can’t imagine the havoc it would cause some players to cause in chat of course it could be toggable but there’s always gonna be the sore players who die. It would be interesting to see a mob based one i think increasing spawn of mobs as well as structures and ore occurrences would be a good trade off for risk to reward. Of course it’d need some changes so players can’t cheese it but i think some of the low risk detection even on regular difficulties is still kinda buggy. Build mode would be interesting I think it would be fun to have but make mobs too farmable. I’d say it’d be more fair not to have. I think beds shouldn’t work but maybe respawn anchors can. Obviously always nighttime as well.
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