Way to slow down griefers in the wilderness

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Should we restrict access to the wilderness until new players have logged in on 30 different days

Yes, please help keep greifers off the server 1 vote(s) 3.6%
No, I love being greifed and stolen from 25 vote(s) 89.3%
Yes, but let EMC players get instant access for alts 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes, but grant access for alts and new players that another EMC player is willing to vouch for 2 vote(s) 7.1%
  1. Ok today I had a wonderful visit from (name not given) and he made a mess of my outer wall at my wild base. Lucky for me he/she/it left once we caught him and it only cost me about 2 stacks of stone bricks plus the time to repair the damage.

    So to prevent random people from being able to log in and just run rampant through the wilds why not add the following:

    1. Access to the wilderness requires that you log in 30 times on 30 different days before you can go there.
    2 Anyone with an alt could request instant access for their alt.
    3 If someone is willing to put their sever access on the line to vouch for a new player (as in the new player gets access to the wilderness instantly but if they grief both the new player and the one that vouched for them are banned if any griefing happens in the first 30 days by the new player)
    4 ?? possibly some other additions or modifications that I haven't thought of

    Remember this is for wilderness only - they could still go to the wastelands and do whatever as we all known that area is reset from time to time and no one with a clue would build anything of value there.

    Also most griefers require instant gratification so by making them wait 30 days they will simply pass on by and in most cases not bother to come back. If one did actually log in on 30 different days to grief players then OMG its gonna be bad.

    Please discuss and comment. Like all ideas there is always room to improve on it.
  2. No,

    Just, no

    This will only work as a player deterrent. We don't want that :)
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  3. This is not needed - It acts exactly as Eclipsys says, a:
    There will always be some griefers, but we have mature staff to deal with it when stuff like that happens.
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  4. It's a good idea but everyone should equally have access to the wilderness
    If a new member wants go and live out in the wild forever, what then?

    Edit: I find it rude that the only no answer assumes that we all love being greifed and having our stuff stolen
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  5. This.
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  6. Yeah, there is three "yes" answers but the "no" answer just says "i love being griefed and having our stuff stolen"... There should be an answer that says "No, idea needs to be VASTLY improved."
  7. Just make the never ending piston prison trap XD that will po griefers and they will ragequit
  8. I believe that by creating an exposed base on the frontier you are setting yourself up for the chance of greifing. We have a system in place that deals with greifers effectively. If you don't want your base greifed build it underground, or hide it, and sometimes the consequence of playing multiplayer is you get your stuff stolen.It happens to all of us and life goes on.
  9. Or maybe the greifers will just destroy the pistons?
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  10. Can't you lock pistons?
  11. No idea, probably
    Just a thought though, not everyone locks their stuff
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  12. What he said
  13. This will make players not want anything to do with the server
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  14. For the multiple time of this thread, no.
    I, and presumably a load of other people are sorry that you got griefed, but just because you have had troubles with someone who may or may not have been a new player, it certainly does not mean we should restrict access for all new players :)
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  15. I think maybe completing the tutorial could be a better way to deal with this. You can skip it, but maybe it could tell you that you need to complete it to gain access to the wild. This way, they will know the basic rules of EMC before they enter the wild, but it wouldn't make them wait extra time to enter it. :)
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  16. I say, focus on Dragon Tombs update because it is the solution of choice, but it seems like there are always distractions.

    As far as the idea above goes
    I think the idea has some merit, but as others have said, it must be a lot less restrictive to new players without ill intent.

    I would be in favor of making wilderness access restricted for new players who skip the tutorial and don't claim a residence, as they don't even understand what would be considered grief yet. I think 30 days is waaaay too long to restrict someone. Maybe an hour of play time, or first they must visit the wastelands and chop a tree or some other server achievements.

    If the player can't read any of the prompts that warn that they must claim a res or visit the wastelands first, then there is a good chance they are gonna be a pain.

    A system to track new players for a period of time when they go to the wild would be a lot less restrictive, but requires more effort from staff. Grief events must be down or there would be a lot more discussion.
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  17. I think the idea is good, however I don't think it's the best thing for EMC. Hopefully this doesn't happen to you again, and if it does message me and I'll send some supplies your way. :)
  18. Perhaps so, though I'm not sure he was a new player as he did know how to change chat to local. I do understand the feeling that it would be a new player deterrent. It would not have deterred me personally as I used town as a safe area to store and process raw materials from the wastelands as I mad plans for a wild base. Perhaps lower it to 3 logins on 3 seperate days to deter the drive by griefings.

    As a note my base is underground, he didn't get to that part just the wall around the area. Had I not been on I suspect he would have stripped everything that wasn't locked. It's a new base and I haven't installed all of the mob defenses yet.

    I can see how you would take the no I love to have my stuff stolen as rude and I should have worded it differently but I was (words withheld for pg-13 reasons) mad when I made the post. (Response was very fast once I did a /report - many thanks for that)
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  19. This is a pretty bad idea. When new players come in, some want to go into the wild to make an epic base but WAIT! They cannot because of this. This not only limits griefers, but trustworthy people who just want to make a base in the wild as well.
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