Wastelands reset scheduled for August 30th!

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  1. I look forward to loading all the new chunks for the first time on my Elytra~ ^^
  2. Bout to head out to the end on smp7, here we go!
  3. All done. Enjoy everyone!
  4. Really I go to work and the waste get reset. Oh well least everybody else can get the elytra before I come home. : )
  5. Is there a chance strongholds can spawn without portals? I dug all through a fortress and I found the exact spot the eyes keep going to and stopping at and there's no portal around.
  6. The new wastes for smp4 are looking pretty good! waste nw particularly caught my eye, as it is a GIANT mushroom island! (I think it's giant, I don't really see many mushroom islands but most I've seen are smaller than this).

    And that's only about 2/3 of it! Hope y'all on other smps are getting cool new wastes too :D
  7. Yes! There's one on smp4 -2250/-4040 has no End Portal.:eek:

    There are literally hundreds of end cities. You won't miss out.:D
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  8. Yay, time to dive into new lands :) thanks for all the hard work you guys!
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  9. Might need to go out and get some ice!
  10. "ice is the worst block in the game"
    10 episodes later
    "ice is the best block in the game
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  11. Mumbo?
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  12. ha ha ha
  13. Correct

    For one million dollars whats the amount of blocks he mined to make his whitch farm
  14. There are two other Mushroom islands, at least!

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  15. Should we see if we can make sand disappear?