Wastelands reset scheduled for August 30th!

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  1. Wastelands Reset Completed!
    This reset does NOT include the Frontier or Town.
    Please disassemble any structures you have in the WASTELANDS (wilderness AND nether) INCLUDING LOCKED CHESTS and move the materials and yourself to town ASAP. There will be an in-game announcement about this as well.

    Tentative Date: August 30th, 2019
    (not saying definitive because something is bound to go wrong if we do)

    Time: After 5 pm EMC time.

    The wastelands are never meant for any permanent structures and are intended to be a mining and resource gathering land. They are generally reset once every 3 months, or alongside a version update, in order to allow for fresh lands to be generated for new blocks to be available.
  2. Time to "mooo"ve of my island!
  3. Does this mean 1.14 is coming out before 1.15 because I hate bees
  4. These are just scheduled resets. There would be a different announcement if it was for an update as well. The update could come out next week and there would be another waste reset.
  5. Unless they're trying to sneak one on us? Hmmmm...

    But in all honesty, I probably would delay the reset if the 1.14 update was almost ready. Not wanting the programmers to rush, but I've been really anxious about trying out raids and such on the server! Though I have to wonder, what if an enraged Pillager, Witch, or Ravager appears? Especially the Ravager!
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  6. dun dun dun!!!

    1.14? 1.13? 1.12?
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  7. That was just an example I used. The update could still be days/weeks/months away. Basically just meant that this reset is the normal planned ones and with any update there is also a reset so that any new blocks/items/etc. would be there.
  8. What about the wild though

    Im still confused how they going to do 1.13 water with 1.12 world
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  9. The wild is never, ever reset. The only parts of the wild that will change is areas that have not been discovered yet.

    For example: This map shows the smp9 frontier. All those black areas have not been discovered yet so could potential have the new biomes. The further out you go, the more of the map is just blacked out. What ever version of the game you are in when you discover an area, that's the version is stays forever. This way people outposts or any builds in general would not be wiped out.

    If you have ever been in the wild and you see something like a sliver of land or part of a mountain completely cut off and thought that was odd. That is a different version of the game generating over older land. So that small sliver was not discovered yet and only displays that small part of the new map.

    Hope that makes sense :D
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  10. Goodbye, Cow Island :(
    To make a little tribute to Cow Island before it get incinerated, here's some of the "best" (They're the best quality screenshots I have, but still terrible) pictures that I've gotten of it.

    The start of Cow Island.

    The main open space, my house is the large tree to the left. (Yes, I live in a tree)

    Some more of the middle area

    I don't even know what to say

    A really cool elevated castle someone made

    Some parts of a huge base near the back of Cow Island.

    Well that's about all the good pictures I have of Cow Island. I also have to say thanks to jaqque for being the founder of this really "moo"ving island :D
  11. *sigh* it's that time again. So many good memories were made in Cow Land (though I don't think there are actually any cows...). So much time spent AFKing… oh the nostalgia. I remember the last time it moved from the savanna biome, now we've gotta pick a new one! Looking forward to a new Cow Land:p
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  12. It's that time again? Awesome~

    I'm curious that when 1.14 is ready to come out later this year, if the wastelands will change much, or at all?~~
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  13. May i ask why do it in waste? Do it in wild then you can build in it more
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  14. Love a fresh new start .. in the waste offcourse :)
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  15. Uh oh! I'd better head out to try and find my favorite polished diorite block again because otherwise I'd have to go out into the new waste and actually do some mining again :D

    ... wait, that's actually a good thing! :)
  16. I can actually answer this: to keep yourself busy.

    It may sound weird (I once left a server (several years ago mind you, I was just a newbie back then) because of a pending reset and well... I didn't like the idea of losing all my stuff. However, now that I became more experienced with playing Minecraft I actually enjoy building something casual (like a mining base or something) and "doing" stuff there while knowing perfectly well that it'll go p00f after several months.

    The fun part is that you get to do it all over again, but maybe better or different. Maybe this time you'll build a better roof, or maybe you build your house near a Jungle biome so now you're going to build something underground (because you got enough wood and now you're looking to mine ores), stuff like that.

    It can actually keep your game fresh because you get plenty of new things to do. Usually also in a different environment (depending on what you want of course). When I did this I simply stuck to "/waste w" and build stuff depending on whatever I found there.

    As a rule of thumb I never bring stuff into the waste (sorta) but only use whatever is available to build something fun. This way you also don't risk losing stuff (too much).

    But yeah, the best part about EMC is that we get a choice. Build in the waste while you know you're going to have to start over someday or... as you mentioned: build in the wild and you get to enjoy your stuff for years to come. But sometimes a little change can be just the thing to stop you from getting bored a bit.
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  17. Freshness !!
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  18. I get that question a lot. Why the waste? It just goes away! Yes! And that is the entire point! We have only so long to build up a nice civilization, a respite against the harsh realities of the waste. It also means that all the mistakes made along the way get cleansed in the end.

    Then we get to take those mistakes, learn from them, and make new and interesting ones.

    There is nothing quite like settling down, and making something, everything, new and from scratch. In the waste, we get that every few months.

    When we get the next update, then perhaps I'll make a more permanent wild outpost. Or I may so love my waste outposts I'll pull a Rick Astley and never give them up.
  19. Time to explore new lands again! Can't wait!:D Now to dismantle my waste mine.
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