Wastelands Reset Incoming!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by chickeneer, Jan 11, 2022.

  1. We should celebrate since we’re getting more dirt in Town. :)
  2. Guess that means more dirt removal.
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  3. Argh, there goes the dirt market. 🙂
  4. We gotta use up those free ddtt’s people got from them Christmas chest hunts and mob drops somehow.
  5. Thank you Chickeneer and EMC Staff for the hard work on the update!
  6. I know that this is the wrong thread, but it makes sense alongside the previous questions.

    What will happen in the frontier after the 1.18 update? Will it only be the new chunks that get the -y levels, or will the existing world get expanded like in vanilla?
  7. If you have placed something in the y=0 spot. Generation will consider that "like" bedrock and generate dirt/bedrock underneath it. Your droppers would stay but no longer would be pointing at the void.

    Every chunk in every world will get the expanded y-levels just like in vanilla.
    I did not see a use in working on an alternate solution separate from what vanilla implemented.
  8. I went for a small 10 minute mining trip and got a handful of diamond or and other lbs all near spawn..

    Go get you some diamonds!!!!
  9. So, for a blank res, with dirt up to y 64, will a single DDTT still be used to clear what is now double the dirt, or does it cost 2 now? I know it will cost another ddtt to remove additional dirt from res's that were already cleared before.
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  10. Might just be easier to keep it at 1 for smps and 2 for utopia and just incease the cost of the DDTT.
  11. The plan is to keep the costs the same despite the affected area to be larger.
    This is consistent with the wording of the current policy as a structure removal based on world edit selections. Not necessarily a dimensional limitation
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  12. What if you already paid for dirt removal? in 1.18 more will be added - do we have to pay again? Can we at least get a good discount, since we already paid? Thanks
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  13. I'll bring it up with SrStaff+. But at this time there is no such plan for that. Could do a limited period of time special discount for removals of y=-63 through y=0.
  14. Thanks to everyone working on the update!

    Been sharpening my shovels for all the extra dirt removal.
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  15. Thank you staff for quick work on this! Looking forward to all the new goodies, and the new builds!
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  16. Alright! More underground building for my res! Let the Nether Park continue to grow!
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  17. I have a question that may sound silly but I’m just wondering if preloaded chunks that don’t get reloaded until the server updates for 1.19 would there be a chance that Ancient Cities could spawn when the chunk gets loaded to update for the 1.18 extension from Y-0 - Y -64?
  18. Pretty sure that anything not previously explored can spawn anything new.
  19. No I was thinking more like my outpost that’s currently loaded for 1.17 and if I don’t come back to reload it until the 1.19 update for the server. Could that allow for the spawning of the Ancient cities when the chunk get reloaded with the 1.18 and 1.19 update at the same time.
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  20. Oh... I see. I mean if they can spawn that low, the same rules should apply.