Wasteland Spoils of Today

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Roslyn, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. So for todays wasteland reset, I went to the nether to grab some good old quartz.

    The blank head is a Ghast head.

    Post what you mined up today in the wastelands. (Pictures helpful)
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  2. Right. I forgot that was today...
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  3. so jelly....was gonna do some nether mining but had work. got home from work and didnt feel like mining. yet gonna need lots o quartz for my smp3 display ;/ the underground part that is. nice loot though!
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  4. Time to go to SMP1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 today!
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  5. There is still plenty to go around. I've been fixing up the spawns manually and have seen tons on smp1-4
  6. Nice! You can drop that at 18721 for a good profit :)

    For my five minutes in the new waste I found a zombie mob spawner near the surface (smp9, SE, x:1480, y:65, z:2041 I think) with diamond and iron horse armor. Easy xp grinder near a spawn point for someone to develop.
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  7. oh forgot to mention (just thought of it) if you would like to sell once u get a dc of the quartz blocks im willing to buy as it would be for my smp3 build and would greatly help me out. let me know if so ahead of time so i can set aside a chest and payment
  8. I raided two different nether fortresses, made off with a bunch of horse armor and other goodies. Lots of quartz and glowstone. Went over to the frontier and raided a sand fortress, it just had diamonds, gold, and iron in it.

    Gotta love a wastelands reset!
  9. One hour later:
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  10. Again, buying quartz block at The Hoard @ 18721, 1:30. 64:1920, 1728:51840. Plenty of room.

  11. Sorry Im not going back out xD I mined all that as an event sort of that being the reset event. Not sure what I may do with it yet but if I do get more, I may get a few DC's because I have no other purpose on EMC anymore than to earn mass rupees and sit with them xD
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  12. You could give them to me *-* xDD
  13. We should do this again sometime!

    Finally finished getting everything carted back to town. And yes it includes gaining 90 levels to get those picks.
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  14. I can always mine quartz and diamonds later so I always try to go after the temples since those are rare. So far I've raided five desert temples, two jungle temples, and spent a decent amount of time exploring nether fortresses for their booty.

  15. Yes, yes my pupil ... you are learning well ...

    Let the quartz flow through you, let it guide you down the correct path.

    Without me, my quartz is nothing, without my quartz, I am nothing.

    Quartz is love, quartz is life.
  16. I got a DC of quartz ore, was very easy since everything was so close. Lots of horse armour also!
  17. Sometimes I miss just going quartz mining, so that's what I'm going to do today. I did it a few weeks ago and had a lot of fun - just forgot an enderchest.
  18. Not bad for around 45 mins? :D
    Mining Trip.png
  19. what? about 20 or so lapis ores in 45 minutes? must've had some luck there because I'm not finding that many lately :(