Wasteland reset

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  1. Quick question about the wasteland reset. Is a completely newly generated world or a reset of the present one?

    I have not been on EMC long enough to go through a reset yet.

    Having tons of fun though.

    cubefragment :)

    P.S. I built a 5 cave spider spawner farm (want to use all 6 but no spot to activate all. :( ) SMP7 /waste sw, head down south stairway, tunnel entrance has a sign next some wood planks that someone placed.

    Have fun with it. And I know it gets reset, was something to do while taking a break from the res build.

    Visit my place on 7 at +cube. ;)
  2. Newly generated. It's a different seed.
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  3. If it'd keep the current seed, people would be able to write down the locations of ores and spawners and such, which would give them an unfair advantage.
    Plus, it's always fun to explore new terrain, of course. :)
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  4. Thanx Krysyy and 607, that's what I figured but just wanted to make sure.
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  5. The resets are fun. First be on when it happens. Then rush out and explore and find villages. This is what I do. There will always be precious ores to be mined but So few Villages and Temples to be plundered.
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  6. Before the reset happens, and if it happens on schedule, I will mine some obsidian till then