Wassup My Fresh EMC Friends! GateUser95 Here!

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  1. Well HEEELLLLOOO There fellow EMC forum users! My name is GateUser95! But you can call me GateUser, or Gate for short. I just now saw this form of posts, and I thought I would just like to spread the word about energetic, happy, positive self :D.

    I first joined EMC, of the wonderful, yet chilling morning of Saturday, January 25th, 2016. I was a-well, noob, at the time. I was like: ''Marlix? MO-MO?!?!'' I didn't get it. As time progressed, I became highly comfortable. But, that's something most of you already know. Lets listen in on the story of how I got to EMC.


    It was Late December, 2015. I was happily playing on a server called (Removed). Specifically, Survival.
    It was a nice time. I had 426k. Of all, 500 survival players, if I remember, I was at least in the top 50 most OP. (I think I was like, #36 in the scale?). So that's proof that I know how to work $$$$$. Anyway, one quiet evening, I'm BATHING, in riches, and next thing you know, I see people spilling onto the server, saying ''OMG! WE ARE MERGIIIIIING! And then they all left. We all were in confusion, grave confusion. Come to think of it, I thought it was a server-wide prank.

    ~~Around January 10th~~

    The server becomes practically vacant. The average player count, around 40. At that time, More like 6. It was at that time that I realized, something is up. I went onto the forums, and WOOOP-DE-DOO! They are talking about some ''merge'' with 2 other servers. I couldn't believe the statement. (removed), and a server called ''(removed)'' were merging with a well-known server, (removed). They said all was lost. The server owner: (removed), decided to let the news out, of course, within a month of the merge. I felt hopeless. We all felt hopeless.

    ~~Around January 16th~~

    Myself, and 1 other player are the remains of the incident. I remember, the newbie, thought it was funny to see no other players on. Pffft, I spilled the beans to him. He left immediately. I said my goodbyes, and, if I recall, did something to my items, and--left.

    ~~The merge occurred January 17th, early morning~~

    I then set off to find a new server. Then came along Empire Minecraft! January 25th, good day. Months later, here I am. I may be a diamond with only 31k, but hey, its a start.

    That's my story of how my limo made me arrive at EMC. The real question is now, what is yours?
  2. Emc was just the first one I found. I liked it so much, I stayed. Didn't look for any others. Exciting I know.
  3. do not mention servers.... that is bannable
  4. Removed the names of the other servers you mentioned in your post, but welcome to EMC.
    I hope you enjoy it here!
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  5. I read 'fresh EMC friends' as 'French EMC friends'.

    I really need to go to sleep.
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  6. Welcome to the Empire, I hope you're going to continue having a good time here!
  7. Hi GateUser. welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
  8. Speaking of that, I JUST GOT BANNED! So much for my poll :p
  9. Griefing and stealing, but this thread isn't for discussing the player's ban.
  10. well hope you appeal and get unbanned D:
  11. If he's just gone and griefed and stolen from people on the Empire, then he needs to learn from his actions before he appeals. We don't want griefers roaming the Empire. But as I said, this forum is not to discuss his ban.
  12. Did you really have to say what I was banned for?
  13. everyone knows if they do /p gateuser95
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  14. Well, rip those two promo bows :I
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  15. Unfortunately. If you don't want someone to hear that you broke a rule, don't break the rules.

    I hope you learn from your mistake and I look forward to meeting you properly on the Empire in the future if you decide to appeal.
  16. Well, um, I was going to welcome you, but if you got banned... :p
    I hope you had a good time, I guess? :rolleyes:
    Anyway, I found these forums by accident, by misclicking from the Minecraft achievement generator. I then found out about the server here.