WALMART - Grand Opening April 15th

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    April 15th


    Save Money. Live Better.

    Following on from the huge success of the real world KFC replica on SMP3, a few of us smp5ians decided to be a little more ambitious and make a huge walmart replica that covers a monstrous 4 resses!

    Obviously its a fully functioning shop, but come check it out for being something novel, as im sure you wont find this kind of shopping experience anywhere else on EMC

    To Find us, /server smp5 , then /v +walmart or /v 10347
  2. I demand an Asda.
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  3. I shall make McDonalds! XD
  4. walmart is in the UK too so #NotMuricaOnly
  5. 2 things:
    1) They operate through ASDA. Not WALMART
    2) WALMART is American and operates across the globe. Just our supermarket market is so saturated it's hard to get into.
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  6. I remember back on smp5 about 1000 says ago, when we had a walmart, target, and a bunch of other super center replicas. all on smp5 :D
  7. Did they all close down?
  8. Walmart? I live in the town it was first opened. :D
  9. Yeah, back then smp9 had just become a thing and everyone was moving to smp9.
  10. no way! that sounds amazing! were they just named after real shops? or were they laid out like them aswell?
  11. They had company logos and everything.
  12. I'll build target on smp8.
  13. Toby didn't you have a KFC?)
  14. Woot Woot.
    Wish I could come but I have youth group XD
    can't wait to buy from you and make you restock every second (jk XD )
  15. The economy crashed :)
  16. Oh boy, another major store on my home server :D!
  17. I love Walmart.
  18. Walmart is a Registered Trade Mark name, I am sorry, but you are unable to use this name. Looks like you will have to shut down the res. Sorry.

    lol jk, i don't care about that :p