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  1. Let the conspiracy begin.
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  2. Special ways....special ways...;)
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  3. This actually shows up to staff as a secret item (/rareitem or something like that). I believe this sponge will soon be coming into EMC and will be obtainable. I think it will have something to do with leader boards. Just speculation, that is all I know.
  4. *waits for wiki page*
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  5. it was added a LONG time ago =P
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  6. But not obtainable by normal members.. right? :confused:

    I have seen one or two of these around at Max's residence/a spawn and yeah, I heard they were soon going to be obtainable by players via some kind of leader board which is planned for the future? :p
  7. Oh, is that a sponge? Resource pack made me think it was a hay bale.
  8. Many months back I was live streaming a coding section and someone made a joke about this... So I coded it in live. All it is is a renamed piece of sponge:

    public static final CustomItem EMPIRE_WAFFLE = new CustomItem(Material.SPONGE) {
                ItemUtil.buildLore(this).setName("&eEmpire Waffle").save();
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  9. But now the question is, how is this gotten?
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  10. Now i'm hungry :confused:
  11. This is on an Empire Residence :)
  12. I'm pretty sure its dirtshack
  13. Dirt shack and SMP4 spawn