Voter's Gear Price Estimates and Tips

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  1. I'm not selling these items.

    I figured since voter's gear is one of my favorite things, I'd keep an updated price list for people, to see how much to expect for most items if they just want cash. These prices are my best guess price without me bidding on an item ;)
    (I tend to raise most prices up 20% over market value on things I like.)

    If you don't vote every day, you really should, voter's gear and all the free R is pretty awesome.

    If you have a lot of money, spending it on voter's gear is a great way to support the people that support the server every day. So raise these prices up with your bids if you can :)

    Item Name, Estimated Market Value
    • Voters Boots 20k
    • Voters Helmet 25k
    • Voters Legs 25k
    • Voters Chest 35k
    • Voters Iron Sword 85k
    • Voters Iron Hoe 10k
    • Thank You Certificate 20k
    • Voters Iron Shovel 70k
    • Voters Iron Axe 40k
    • Voters Shears 120k
    • Voters Iron Pickaxe 125k
    • Voters Bow 100k
    • Voters Diamond Shovel 95k
    • Voters Diamond Axe 100k
    • Voters Diamond Pickaxe 150k
    • Voters Diamond Sword 135k
    • Voters Diamond Hoe 20k
    • Voters Fishing Rod 120k
    Some items are VERY rare on auction, so although the market price might be one thing, one random bidder could drive it way up. Diamond Swords, Pickaxe and Shears for example could jump up over 100k more for example.

    A set of voter armor would be more around 125k and each piece on it's own would vary a lot.

    The value of voter's items should increase 20% or so with protection and outpost teleports being added, as people will be able to get to useful wild areas and farms easier.

    Since these are named items, they could all increase in value if it's someone with a high head value. Usually it would be around the price of the head, but could be more, like Krysyy's diamond voter's sword would probably go for 1.6 mil for example and her head is around 350k since "there can be only one...."

    • Voter's armor - Great for general risk free adventuring or lemming after Momentus
    • Voter's Sword - Makes any spawner into a killer xp farm, one of the most useful items in the game if you leave town :) I've got a killer gold farm design that uses them too if you ever need.
    • Voter's Hoe - This Hoe can't die. It's nice to have in your set but isn't very useful on own. The rare bugged version with looting 1 could be used in a guardian XP farm to get slightly more crystals, but no one really makes those in EMC.
    • Thank you Cert - Just cool, great promo especially if it's from someone you know.
    • Voter's Shovel - Snow Farm. Handy, no break shovel, and did I mention snow farms?
    • Voter's Axe - Chop forever. This is one place diamond is noticeably better when chopping wood, both work well though. You can get a lot more saplings by breaking all your leaves with this. This could also be used in a 2 man wood farm or raw meat farm (as it's a bit more damage than punching, never breaks and doesn't cook meat).
    • Voter's Shears - Oh how I love these... You can make a very good living using the public sheep farms and selling wool right back to those poor smucks, or to any mall. It's actually more profitable than a wood biz... (shhhhhh) It's a must have for Leaf Farming. You can also use it for vines or decorating with wool.
    • Voter's Pickaxe - Great for mining trips in waste or for any cobble generator in the comfort of your own /home. The diamond one can be used in the redstone lava bucket obsidian generator on forums. The Fortune 3 makes mining very productive.
    • Voter's Bow - This turns any plains biome into a Passive Animal Head Farm... lol. Since this is the only bow in the game with looting 3 on it, you start getting more drops from all the random stuff you shoot at. I like to keep one on my characters at all time and use it anytime I don't need the extra damage from a god bow. You do have some extra xp farm options with this as well if you're using something creative.
    • Voter's Fishing Rod - It's as good as it gets, and never breaks. Great for fish farms or sport fishing. If you fish a lot, you want one. If you don't, it's a little handy for getting super turkeys out of lava..
    If you have updates for this post let me know, hope this helps.
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  2. Very nice post!
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  3. Bump. Let me know if you think any estimated should be adjusted :)
  4. As one of those "poor smucks", I'm even more happy when they sell their hard-earned wool to me. :)

    I find it appalling how low some of the high streak items are only worth a fraction of the work it took to obtain them.
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  5. you would think the fishing rod would be more worth but you're right :p
    never saw one sell tho
  6. I'll bump this thread. Some of these prices need a little adjusting, but most are still pretty close.

    A heads up for the near future:
    1.9 should up the prices of axes just slightly with new farms available.
    Grief Protection might up the prices of swords if there are more public xp farms available.
  7. I'd say that the items worth between 20 and 25k should probably be more like 30-40k worth? I'm not 100% sure, but I was thinking that it would be quite low to attract any sellers at 20k. It would of course depend on the name on there too :)
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  8. u sound like shelly.. god armor ftw! :cool:

    when creeper goes boom i say 'hi!' ;) when momentus shakes ground i say 'die!' :mad:, when marlix flies around i run and say 'bye!'. but all ur voters armor stuff can do is respawn :D
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  9. I too think they should be worth more. Unfortunately I don't see any single boots selling for that. The irony is that full sets go for much more. 200+k for armor, 1.x mil for complete gear sets recently.
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  10. I adjusted prices a little, as I havn't seen some items in a while.
  11. I'm resurrecting this. Very helpful. Thank you for the link!
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  12. Yes... agreed. Very helpful thread. Thanks
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  13. What is this bugged looting hoe you speak of?
  14. I guess when they first released it it had looting 1. Then they fixed it and added it later in the bonuses so some people have a second Diamond hoe. I think there is a command to fix it even.
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  15. Spooky