Villager Breed Gone Wrong?

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  1. Hello so I am on smp2 and I tried to make a villager breeding farm well just until I get some desirable trading villagers. Anyway I am playing 1.8.7 and when I tried to make the farm the villagers wouldnt breed. I have tried adding more doors, changing some blocks, trading with the villagers I had, feeding them, and even eggifying the non-farmer villager, but still no luck. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if I am doing anything wrong or if there is anything I need to do. I will post screenshots as well. Thank you for your time and thank you for any help you might give.

  2. I feel your pain, since 1.8 I have only gotten 13 new villagers. I have tried 3 designs and they don't seem to work too well. My current one on smp6 /v dresden72-3, took a while to make and I am not too encouraged to try and make a different one. There is also one dresden72-2, that one has only produced 2 villagers... :( I am going to remove the doors, on -3, and try one more on dresden72-4.
  3. I'll have to wait until tonight to be sure, but it looks like you're using an inefficient farm design to breed them. The mechanics have also changed on 1.8 slightly and they do not autobreed like they used to. I'll poke around a bit this evening in between work on a proposal and research paper.
  4. I think you have to trade with them some as well as get them food to get them in love mode. Not 100% sure though.
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  5. I got around 40 villagers from only 2 villagers in the beginning (but it took forever I kept feeding no trade) what I did is I put doors the same level as where the breeding villagers are. I don't know if it helps but maybe worth to try, sometimes those 2 villager on top doesn't recognize the doors underneath
  6. Need to give them a house door walls sealing. i think they need to be safe for a night .before they will breed. small house a door and boom boom starts he he
  7. Creating this type of auto-breeder in town is a problem. When doors are placed they look 32 blocks away for any other door and that door is added to that village. By your screen shots I'm not sure that when you added the doors your "village center" didn't get calculated to be somewhere you aren't expecting it to be. The pit that you have with doors down below is relying on a mechanic that doors can be added to a village from any elevation, but that villagers only look like 6-8 blocks (up and down) for other villagers. Since you have 6 doors down there (presumably since you have everything else built right) and one villager... the villager detects the doors and counts it as a village, but the two up top don't count the third villager and make a baby in order get get your village up to the villager count max. If your village center is off due to door placement the villagers may see each other, they may see all the doors and think the village is big enough, etc.

    I have almost exactly the same layout in my area in the wilderness and its workin ok.
  8. Most has already been said but I think your main problem is the changed mechanics in 1.7 and 1.8, as hinted at by Elfin up there. I also used to have a (small) villager breeder and the only requirement was doors (and a block behind it so it would count as a 'house').

    However, in 1.8 the villagers now also need to be 'willing' to breed. And making them willing can be done by trading with them and/or feeding them food (carrots, potatoes and apples if I recall correctly). This design change makes breeding them a lot harder than it used to unfortunately.