Villager Breakouts | Block X | Disappearing Diamonds, Oh My!

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  1. So we all know of the common bugs in 1.3, but today I got hit hard. I lost:
    5 Stacks Of Villager Eggs
    4 (3 Were Enchanted) Diamond Picks in a Chest
    1 Set of Enchanted Diamond Armor
    Got my Piston Door Block X'd (Had to Remove Move Perms until Fixed.....)
    And I've been also having trouble connecting as well as getting booted offline then saying that I am already online.
    Feel free to share your frustrations and losses in the comments.

    EDIT 1: Also the few villagers I have left have glitched out of their cage/fences when I was offline.
    Current Villager Status: None
    *Knocks on 1.3's Door*
  2. Lol, I've lost a bunch of stuff too. LOVE the picture. xP
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  3. Pic..... = Pick...... xP........ Laughes at My Pick....... Laughes at my Pic... laughes at my pick loss.... pic.. PICK

    AXE.jpg <----- "Axe"
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  4. If anything goes awkward I'll start bleeping xD
  5. My stone gen messed up because of glitches.... :(
  6. My melon mushing machine is kaput because the pistons went all Block X! So. Hungry.
  7. I lost some cobble and wood in my inventory, and my villagers got out of their cage, (50-70) so I sorta no how u feel
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  8. Its okay I can make a sweater from my 100% piston controlled sheep farm.
    *Walks into sheep farm*
    "oh god the sheep have been squished to death"
    (If your hungry sleep, It comsumes the least amount of calories)
    (If your cold your body will burn more)
  9. Realllyy.jpg
  10. Lolno, I meant picture. :confused:
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  11. I know. It's a joke :3

  12. 1.3 sucks, 'nuff said.
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  13. xD face... twitching.... annoying.... oh noes... not.... the... xD.... annoying.... ah
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  15. Lost 3 pickaxe's Diamond, was gonna auction them
    Diamond pickaxe Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Silk Touch I
    Diamond pickaxe Efficiency III Unbreaking III Fortune II
    Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Fortune II
  16. I Lost over 80 diamond ore in a chest. :(
  17. Lol I lost a whole chest of enchanted items
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  18. Lost a sign outa 40 diamond blocks D: But luckily i have anoter stack of 64 in mu chestd.
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  19. You have like 10 double chests more :rolleyes:
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  20. All of those things are localized to EMC servers. 1.3.1 isn't the problem. I have yet to find any of these problems with pistons, furnaces, brewing stands, or losing items out of chests to be anywhere else when iv researched. So its obviously a problem localized on EMC servers. I have already heard so many people blaming 1.3.1 when other servers aren't having any of these problems at all.

    Losing items out of a chest is something server related. What iv seen is that the server saves every few minutes or so (idk the exact times the server saves) but then sometimes at random times the server "rolls back" to the previous save which any items you move, put or takeout (this causes duplication in some cases) will be put back to when the save happened.

    The furances, pistons, and brewing stands im not sure about. Some people are thinking it has to do with the town protection system. Since you can use a furnace, brewing stand, and pistons in the wild without problems.

    And yeah im already annoyed because iv already lost, an enchanted diamond pick hardly used, a stack of tnt, 30 iron ingots, a double chest of items a friend took over to my house, and a few other rare/expensive items because of this.