[VIDEO(s)] Reviews Needed for Sports Talk "Thing"

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  1. If you know me you'll know I love sports. I've decided to start a Sports Talk "Thing" and I'm needing helpful reviews. I've always been a total stat nerd and LOVE reading each game's stats breakdown on ESPN.com!

    With this being said I've put together a rough draft of a Stat Breakdown for the Week 1 Match Up between the Chiefs and Texans. I know I need better visuals but would love info from those who also love the NFL (American Football) On what other things I can talk about!

    I do know I need some better visuals for it. Like I had said its a rough draft but any other helpful thoughts are greatly appreciated

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  2. I would recommend using a black background so it's easier on the eyes. You could also add animation to it. For example, when you say the numbers, you could zoom into it or add an enlarged version to the side (for the stats).

    Also, I like how the way you speak is consistent and natural-sounding. You have good transitions that make it sound like you're not reading from a script (I can't tell if you had one).
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  3. Go sportsball?