Valentine Death Event: Feb. 10

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  1. Valentine Death Event
    Love is in the air and so is death ;)

    Join Krysyy and ItsMeMatheus for a Valentine Death Event in place of today's Wacky Wednesday. Bring your Valentine if you have one, and join in on the death and destruction. If you don't have one, maybe you'll meet yours there. It's the perfect place for a date :p

    Never been to a death event and don't know what it is?
    Summary: Death, death and more death in various and crazy ways thanks to Senior Staff+. No prizes, just death. So much death. In between dying, you can sometimes make out with some good mob drops though. So death can be a good thing...

    Bring only what you are willing to lose. The odds of death far surpass 100%. It is also advised to bring beds, enderchests, etc for convenience. All who attend will be forced into one group to prevent mobs locking to specific people.

    Time: 7 pm EMC time
    Location: Big Dig site on smp5, se outpost, follow the path
  2. 100% death rate lol
  3. Yay! death is fun!
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  4. I hope it'll be fun for everyone attending!
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  5. 100% and up death rate!! Yeah :)

    Thanks Krysyy and Matheus
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  7. Even if I don't make it at 7:00, could I still come later?
  8. Sure. We'll likely be causing mayhem for at least an hour or so =)
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  9. Hmm... and if we get into a fight, I can just shove her into a Wither (totally painless break-up... for me, anyway) and go find a new one. You're right, this is an excellent place to pick up a Valentine! :D

    But yeah, sounds like an awesome event! I'll try to make it. :)
  10. I hope I can make it this sounds awesome and I like the easy disposal of unwanted valentines...:p
  11. Yerrr discrasing the pirate flag mateys! Arrrghhh ye will see me!
    Yer just tellin the mates of smp8 to get weird with the other smps. Not a good idea :p
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  12. 7 PM EMC time :eek:
    I would love to come, but that's 12 o' clock for me
  13. Sounds like love is in the air... or not :D
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  14. This sounds like so much fun, I like dying and meet a date! Though that's like 1am for me so I highly doubt I will attend:(
    Everyone else, have a great time with the dates and the dying part:p
  15. Coming if I can.
  16. I love these kinds of events, but I don't know if i can make it, but I'll try hopefully :p
  17. At work!

    Oh well....
    hope everyone who attends enjoys a good death and hopefully gets to pick up some great drops
  18. Mm, you should really think about the way you phrase these things.
  19. hahaha, nah. Worded just wonderfully as is =P
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  20. It'll be a date to die for.

    ...How did nobody make that joke yet?
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