Usage to use Vault in wild and nether

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Should supporters be able to use vault in wild or nether

Yes 41 vote(s) 55.4%
NO 33 vote(s) 44.6%
  1. Hello EMC Community i think supporters should be able to use vault in the wild and the nether it will be easier so if we have a grinder on another server we transport supplies so vote at the bottom please
  2. Yeah i think supporters must be able to do that. Maybe even with a cheaper price for the vault; 5r for gold and free for diamond.
  3. ya it should be like that
  4. I think it should be availible for Members also, being 15 Rupees rather than 10
  5. Come on community vote vote vote
  6. I say 50R for members and free for all supporters.
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  7. That is crazy 50r just why
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  8. If you use the vault in the wild, it takes away part of the challenge, so you should have to pay more then just 15R.
  9. Oh that is fair
  10. It shouldn't be free.

    Gold member get 700 rupees a day just for signing in. That's 70 vault usages per day, just for signing in... More than enough. If anything the vault prices should be raised. Also, it doesn't really keep true with the vanilla aspect of EMC. I vote a resounding no.
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  11. I think the wild to residence portal for diamond supporters is a much better perk :D I really hope JustinGuy gives us that one!
  12. Haha I think that's a bad idea too! Half of the challenge of gathering resources in the wild is the trek back to town! That would make it way too easy and ruin some of the challenge of the game.
  13. Well, the only reason one must go so far out in the first place is because of illegal griefing. I don't think that giving supporters an additional means to protect themselves would be removing any intended challenges from the game. I mean, I guess you might miss out on fighting a couple of mobs or something...
  14. I think the vault should stick as town only. There's a reason it's called "Survival" mode. The closest thing I think there should be to vault in the wild would maybe be to allow you to use it within the protected spawn areas of the wild, where you can't build anyway. The only thing this would do is allow you to avoid loading back into the town world just to offload stuff, while still requiring you to walk back to the spawn as if you were going to town anyway.
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  15. I think just for Gold+ supporters. It gives new members one more reason to pay more money a month. It should cost around 50r to be fair. Thats a nice and even number 1/2 a hundred.
  16. How i think it should be
    Normal : none
    Gold : 1000r
    Diamond 500r
    that way people will think about using it alot more instead
  17. I'm 100% against this for the following scenario:

    1: Load up vault in wild.
    2: Kill self and appear in town.
    3. Unload vault.
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  18. What about the proposed personal outpost/portal perk? Are you opposed to that as well?
  19. Well Jeremy I think we should for a addionatal charge
  20. It would have to be RIDICULOUSLY high for me to be on board with this one. It would basically have to negate the profits you could make from selling a vaults worth of stuff...which I don't think anyone would use it at that price.
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