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  1. No more zoo's, no more museums, no more IRS refunds. Mostly because of Obamacare sucking up more than HALF the federal government's funds.
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  2. hence, congress no longer supports it, and obama now has to use personal money to pay for that act.
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  3. I'd comment but I'd start a forum war and be called racist :p
  4. It is not Obamas fault, it is Aikar. He is trying to ruin the economy again.
  5. Thats not funny atm.
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  6. Well there are several perspectives to see it from there is to see it from the view of a poor family with no money for insurance and the view of the average working american that think he is using our tax dollars for the lazy members of the nation. (no offense to anyone)
  7. The thing is this has happened a few times already. In the last second they will probably come up with a plan that pushes the date back a few more months.
  8. The Senate is trying to pass a Bill, but the House of Reps. keeps sending it back and refusing it or making major changes.
    It's been going back and forth and Congress has decided to shut down [and will postpone for possible 2 months] until a decision is made.
    The problem is that many workers working in Congress funded areas will be sent home because Congress will not be able to pay them. National parks will be closed for a while, guys...
  9. Its too bad my states government won't shut down. Maybe it would make them cut the stadium from being built that a majority of the population doesn't want anything to do with.
  10. It hasn't been funny for ages. :/

    Also, many government works will not be paid for awhile of this happens.
  11. Well said.
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  12. congress is like having a tug of war with your reflection noone wins
  13. Racist.
  14. Well ever since they quit preaching the Lord in school and teaches kids the responsibility of a firearm, the country fell apart and will still crumble for years.
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  15. Like Demon said earlier this is not a laughing matter this about a really crappy goverment screwing over hard working citizens no offense to u though.
  16. It must be difficult having to shut down a national power because of an argument. Right as soon as Congress reopens or even before that they will have to create a solution for the debt ceiling. [they'll probably just raise it again]
    Not the best situation to be in..
  17. None taken
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