Urgent! Thriller Photo Shoot

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by supereskimo, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Okay guys, we don't have much time. I need 10 volunteers for this. With the new mob disguise mod, we can have 9 zombies following someone in a Michael Jackson at /graveyard on smp1. One person will record or at least take a photo. Here's a link for the Michael Jackson skin I'm using...
    I plan to do the role of MJ, and the person recording should ideally have good fps. So to recap, I need:
    *9 zombies
    *1 recorder
    If you're interested, please respond to this thread and say which job you want. I can pay 100r per person. The actual event will take place later tonight, let's say about 8:00 Central Time Zone (about 2 hours from this post). Of course, we might have to wait for night, so if you can't be there at exactly that time, don't bother signing up. If I can't get enough people from this thread, we can get people directly before the shoot. I'll See you then!
    Edit: I will be signed on as "The_Gloved_One" with an appropriate skin.
    *If possible, it would be nice to get another volunteer to fill the roll of the girl in the video.
  2. I cant do it.
    But it sounds awesome :)
  3. Sure I'm up for it cya in 2 hours
  4. ill be there :)
  5. Why not. I'll be a zombie.
  6. i can record. (as gearmaster08)
  7. Awesome, guys! Thanks f0r helping. And sorry, Zoe. I'll be sure to post the footage/pictures. Also...
    I'm guessing you'll be zombies? That would make 3 so far.
  8. Its okay, its not your fault.
  9. K.
  10. I want to be a zombie. :3
  11. Good, we have a recorder and 4 zombies. We need 5 more zombies and one girl.
  12. Oh- and Debut (my recording software) limits the frame rate to 30FPS. So that's what it will be, unless i find a better program that doesn't limit it.
  13. Zombie reporting in!
    Just you wait, once everyone watches the video, we'll be arguing over which zombie is which lol.
  14. lol xD
  15. try fraps, you can record 60fps with that.
  16. ill be there
  17. But you have to pay for it..
    EDIT: If any1 has the full version of fraps and are willing to give me a copy PM me
  18. do you still need people? i wanna help! :)
  19. I still need a few more. So far I have:
    gearmaster08 - recording
    Dwight - zombie
    zeke1o0o - zombie
    penfoldex - zombie
    inpixies - zombie
    RainbowChin - zombie
    Runningrhino - zombie
    battmeghs - ?
    I still need 3 zombies and someone to play the girl, so battmeghs, take your pick. We might need to do a minute or two of rehearsal, I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to do this - but I'll be ready come 8:00.
  20. count me in! but what girl? i don't have a girl skin, maybe i'll just be a zombie? i dunno!