Upsetting colesta1200 with jcplugs 101

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  1. I swear i dont really have a lisp my mic is just funny sometimes :(
  2. You.... You just want to see the world burn.
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  3. nonono i wanna watch the diamonds burn <3 May do this with gold blocks also
  4. Could be worse, she could have thrown stone slabs in there.
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  5. Wow wtf that is so sad
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  6. it was a trick, theres a hopper under the lava
  7. nah dude, go check. no hoppers there
  8. a hopper line leading under the emc road and right to my res *twiddles mustache*
  9. You. Are. My. Hero.
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  10. Well, I want to see all the Jcplugs burn >:D
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  11. Thank you for (barely) increasing the value of my collection. :)
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  12. Couldn't even advert me selling them to u =P for 500k!
  13. Good job! I think you should've thrown them in using ctrl+q though, I think that would've looked better.
    Next, do the same with a voter's block, I suppose? :)
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  14. Huh I can't see your profile...akward :p
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  15. Semi tempted to go buy out as many big malls as possible and doing the same <3
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  17. Jade come on
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  18. :C

    Could have been a nice giveaway instead