Upgrade to MC 1.2 complete!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Derelict policy is back in effect!!!

    Well it was a long couple of days but we have successfully upgraded every EMC server to Minecraft 1.2.3! Thanks for everyone's patience as each server took hours to convert to the new world format.

    The good news is that we have many new features, such as the build limit being doubled (basically every residence got doubled in size). The bad news is that this version is even more power hungry than before, and smp1-4 are experiencing lag issues. However we have already reacted and I just ordered two new dedicated servers, more information on my original post here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/new-hardware-for-smp1-4.4735/

    As a reminder, please private message me with any bugs you find. Remember that anyone who finds a bug/glitch and uses it to an unfair advantage (duplicating items) or to circumvent the rules, such as griefing, will be banned with no chance of appeal.
  2. yay! thanks justin!
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  3. Btw. It still say for me that SMP4 is "Down for Uprading".
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  4. no lag far into the smp4 wildernes:)
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  5. Good catch, I am getting really tired lol
  6. Thank You Justin! I Love You! Lol
  7. Justin, the update caused the "right click your shop sign to access you chest" feature to be removed. Now everyone with shops on other people's reses are SOL if they don't have perms. Such as my shops on d1223m's lot, or people who organize community or flee market lots. can you bring that functionality back?

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  8. It was removed on purpose (http://EmpireMinecraft.com/updates) for a couple different reasons. First it was being used to rob people when you dont have move permissions, second it always breaks when MC updates because it goes around the Bukkit API's to be able to do that. You can use a double chest and put an access sign on one side for now, I can look into adding this back in :)
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  9. eh, I say give the Guy(pun intented) a break for the night. He deserves a good night's rest :)
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  10. Shot Justin, get some sleep bro
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  11. Lol i love that dancing zebra :D
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  12. so since it is so close to the day change, does this mean it will be reactivated on the 7th?
  13. Justin, when will Jungle Trees be more available?

    It's crazy, some saplings were selling for 2k in auctions because you have to go so far out in the wilderness (farther than anyone before).

    Can you somehow replace parts of the Wild in SMP3 so that we can get more Jungle Trees and cats? With a long voting process of course :)
  14. I still don't see my res has grown on SMP4? When will this be done then?
  15. It has doubled in height, not width and length
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  16. my saplings have an more normal price they are 50.
    and yes its far away.
    still dont now how you ever find a bug like duplicating items. i dont get grievers if i walk down trough town or the wild i think nice want that to. so i copy it if it fails i try someting else why would u grief a good thing like the mosnter spawn at smp1 constant grieving and people who set you on fire
  17. Fun Fact: JustinGuy wrote the code for the Bukkit Plugin "Residence"
  18. Once again in English please?
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  19. Justin, after you rest a few days you might check the Rupees for Voting system. It's not working. It's not life or death either. ;)