New hardware for smp1-4

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  1. Our first four servers smp1, smp2, smp3, and smp4 are on less powerful hardware than smp5 and smp6. I am currently in the middle of the upgrades for MC 1.2, and so far have upgraded smp1 and smp5 (one old hardware server, and one new hardware server). It is immediately evident that we need to upgrade smp1-4, as smp1 has a lot of lag, and smp5 is running 500 times better (although it still could use some tweaking).

    So I just got off the phone with our hosting provider and have ordered two shiny new servers (one for smp1&2 and one for smp3&4). I took it as a sign that I got my tax return yesterday, and I am going to be using that to pay for the first quarter (these servers are about $1,400 a quarter each). Just no one tell my wife lol. Hopefully I will have everything moved to the new servers this weekend :)

    I am telling everyone about this because I want to apologize. I was unaware how much more of a load MC 1.2 was going to be over MC 1.1. Please hang in their while I get things setup. And of course donations and supporters are very very welcome.

  2. No worries, Justin. Sounds like we're all in good hands. ;)

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  3. Am I the only one who read $1,400 like 6 times? O.O
    But yeah, I think you're doing an amazing job Justin.
  4. If someone should do this, It's you, Justin :)
  5. Sounds to me like kryssy and I donated at the right time! Good luck on the upgrades and don't worry, it will take more than a little lag to scare us away!
  6. It is completely understandable to me that there are some tings you couldn't foresee happening. I mean unless you can see into the future like I have been told, LOL. You are doing an amazing job in my book and all I can say is keep up the good work and try not to let all the people pestering you about small things get to you, it seems some are trying to rush the process, and I know if I was in your position i would be ripping the hair I have left on my head out, LOL. But i have been nothing but astonished and impressed since I joined this server back in December, and you continue to amaze.
  7. justin we r all counting on u and we all luv ur server
  8. So are you still going to update to 1.2 or will you keep SMP 2-4 on 1.1 until the new servers? I'm fine with either way but if the lag is unplayable, I'd rather stick to 1.1 until the new servers roll in :p Anyways, thanks for all the extra effort Justin!
  9. Justin we are with you! Dont forget to get some you time :)
  10. It's not much, but I went ahead and signed my son up as an Iron Supporter and I'll keep my Diamond when it expires in a few days. Maybe I'll have a few more kids so I'll have to sign them up as supporters, too. :confused:

    [edit] We (I) spend so much time on here, that it's a small price to pay to help out the Empire. Almost 2 months ago, I accidentally stabbed myself in the left index finger. I had to have surgery to repair a severed nerve. I wore a splint for about 5 weeks and took a lot of Vicodin. I haven't been able to play my guitar at all until just this past weekend (and I still can't form many chords). Anyway, my point is that EMC has been something I've been able to do and it has helped get me through a lot of pain and time that otherwise would have been filled with boredom. It's also helped me feel like I'm spending time with my kids while I've actually been taking it easy. It's a small price to pay for all that!
  11. No, we will continue to upgrade them all tonight.

    Thanks :) And a big thanks to all supporters :)
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  12. Ok so what's you Wife's email/phone number :p
  13. lmao
  14. Okay ! Can't wait to play this server on 1.2.
  15. Ok at lease you found it funny but no like for me today xD

    EDIT: ok when I log in today I found I had 25 Alerts most of them likes :D
  16. OMGWTF? u shelled out that kinda cash for this stuff!?
    i just want to say thank you so much for everything your doing!
    in the straightest way possible, i love you man!
  17. Good grief this place is expensive to run. Just makes me all the more grateful for it, knowing that someone is awesome enough to go through with that much expense for other people's pleasure and without even requiring anyone to help.
  18. I've got to ask justin does your wife play minecraft to?
  19. *jaw drops in disbelief* ._.
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  20. Wait, that's uh... $11,200.00

    And yet you couldn't be bothered to send me a bottle of water. :(