[UPDATE] Staff Application 7.0

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  1. We have updated the Staff Application
    Application at: staffapp.emc.gs or modapp.emc.gs

    You should see version 7.0 when you load this page. All previous applications are not used and you MUST submit an app of the NEW version in order to be considered for Staff. We made things a little shorter this round, but we also added some rhetorical questions to get you thinking. I advise you seriously take them into consideration before you click submit.

    Applying through this form is REQUIRED in order to become an EMC Staff member because by submitting this application, you are telling us that you WANT to be staff and you WANT to put forth the effort it requires. We will not ask people to be staff if they do not show an interest and take the initiative to apply.

    You will ONLY be messaged if you are accepted for the position of EMC Staff member. Please do NOT post on the forums, message the Staff team on the site, in game, or any other location about your application. We are constantly reviewing new applications weekly and there are a LOT of them to look over.
  2. How many of these things are we going to get? lol. Seems to get updated every few months.

    EDIT: Although this one seems pretty cool. This one seems a little short though. Too bad I can't have a shot at one.
  3. I will be filling this out :p
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  4. I will be applyi... oh...
  5. Last update was in July. Before that was over a year. You've just been here for a long time =P
  6. Has it really been that long? Wow...
  7. When it asks when your school is in session, does that mean times..?
  8. Simpler each time is how it should be. Speaking from experience, your overall in game and forums behavior is a lot more important than your form answers.
  9. No I mean after today I have no shot at all. Wasn't referring to the form lol.
  10. Means more of months. So in the USA, it would be School from August - May, with a holiday break.
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  11. Was replying to
  12. Is it broken? I was looking over it to see the new one and it appears that you can't enter text or anything for most of the questions.
  13. Pretty sure most of the text is a "are you SURE you want/are ready/able for this?", not meant for actual player input
    but I could be wrong you never know
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  14. Those are the rhetorical questions I'm talking about. Topics to think about before the essays. Read the information notice carefully.
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  15. Yeah i should read this when its not 2 am :p
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  16. And here I am still remembering when the 2.0 form was released :p
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  17. Same
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  18. Good luck to all, especially chickeneer :)
  19. Do lots of people really apply for staff? Seems like something that requires time and effort, not really fit for some people. Also could staff members always be younger than 18? For some reason I thought you had to be 18 or older to apply for staff, or is it if you're over 18 you have a better chance?