Unusual Smells You Like

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  1. I like the smells of
    • gasoline
    • chlorine in a pool
    • new tennis balls
    • alcohol swabs
    • sharpies
    • new cars
    I'd love to see yours below. Feel free to add them!
  2. Petrol, exhaust and burnt rubber. Sorry, car guy here :]

    PS: Sharpie too, though
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  3. I like the smell of solder that has been kept air-tight for a while.. heh new PC components :p
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  4. Wood glue, padauk wood, and wenge :D
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  5. A few weird ones so don't judge:

    -Skunk. Doesn't bother me and is actually weirdly soothing. Has to do with when I worked at the Rabies lab =P
    -Smoke. Not cigarette smoke, but like an entire forest on fire smoke.
    -Burning solder. Dad works with electronics so it was around a lot when I was a kid
  6. -Victory
    -The Blood of my Enemies
    -Gun Powder
  7. What does Victory smell like?
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  8. -Printers ink. Newspaper smell
    -New Books. Like fresh off the shelf at your local bookstore (I guess a variation of printers ink)
    -Newly constructed home/store. Like a home or store that is 100% complete and brand new.
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  9. Cheesecake.
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  10. Old books and freshly cut grass.
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  11. Napalm in the morning.
  12. Indoor pools....
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  13. Petrol, freshly cut grass, ink and Aikar's socks
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    • Sautéing Garlic
    • Gasoline
    • Puppy Mouths
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  14. Freshly cut grass, just like you Binky. A new ukulele, my budgie, sharpie and some more:p

    And of course... pepsodent toothpaste, i'm at heaven when I smell it
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  15. Promos also smell very good
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  16. Chlorine pucks.... lol jk. It's so strong it knocks you out form opening. ..
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  17. High octane fuel exhaust (And I sorta like the liquid form smell too)
    Propane Exhaust
    Mud and water on hot exhaust
    Hot engine smell :p

    And the smell of game cases and new electronics. (TBH they sorta smell like Minecon 2013)

    Edit 2:
    And the smell of cold air

    Edit 3:
    And the smell of freshly cut grass and old vacuums/vacuum shops
  18. How does skunk smell like? We don't have them in Sweden:(