Unopened Trick or Treat Bundle

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  1. I got tired of tracking all the offers for trick or treat bundles to find the best deal, so I am just doing an auction. I expect the price will go up substantially when these are no longer available via /promo which I expect will be soon. For those who don't know, this bundle gives you the Headless Horseman Axe and Headless Horseman Mask. As well as being collectible, especially in an unopened state, the axe is a powerful weapon and the mask is enchanted with protection 3 to help protect the wearer. In additional all items are soulbound, so you don't lose them if you die (unlike normal armour or weapons).

    Item: 1 Unopened Trick-or-Treat Bundle (The promo which just came out.)
    Minimum Bid: 1r
    Minimum Increment: 1r
    Auction Ends: 4 days 4 hours (100 hours) after last valid bid.
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  2. lol gj 20k
  3. Just a quick note, the mask's protection III doesn't actually add protection to the wearer.

    Released during the Halloween period of 2014 and again in 2015, the Headless Horseman Mask is a
    jack o'lantern which dispenses one Haunted Candy every 24 hours, which is similar to the Haunted Head of 2013.

    The attribute, Wearable, allows you to wear the pumpkin by right clicking the item in your inventory. Upon wearing the mask, a spooky message will appear in your Chat box and you will hear spooky noises. Similar to previous Halloween promos, the Headless Horseman Mask is non-enchantable due to the fact that it is a pumpkin, which means that the Protection III enchantment is not functional. Wearing the pumpkin does not protect you in any way.
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  4. #LOGIC
    42K though :D
  5. You're probably right. Though anyone attacked by a haunted ghost knows how easily they distract with haunted candy.
  6. Thanks for all the bids so far! This is still less than I was offered for the bundle twice in-game.

    Current Leader: neonkillah
    Current Minimum Bid: 43,001r
    Auction Ends: Monday November 9th 2:51 PM EMC Time
  7. hmm... do I need another? no. Do i want another? heck ya!

  8. Access chest set up at /v 11011. Please pay azoundria upon pickup.