[Unofficial Debate] Wild Reset

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To reset or not to reset? Remember to READ.

Yes, I want the reset. 36 vote(s) 30.8%
No, I don't want the reset. 81 vote(s) 69.2%
  1. As many of you know, the 1.3 update is nearly among us. I have been seeing some discussions in other threads over whether to reset or not, and I figured that I would make a thread for people to voice their opinions and for others to open their minds to other options.

    Before we start debating this topic, I'd like to lay out some guidelines.
    - This is not the official thread. There will be a poll but its only purpose is to see how the community feels at this point in time. The point of this thread is to allow people to see a wide range of different options before they make their point in the official thread that will be released shortly after the update is released.
    - Don't make attacks on players: just their ideas. If you are not sure if something could be taken the wrong way, don't post it. Basically, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
    - People are going to have differences in opinion. Some people live in town and this will not affect them. However, they still may have their say as to what happens.
    - Please, don't ask for things like migrating areas of the current worlds into post-reset worlds.
    - If you have an opinion, I would like for you to explain and elaborate. I don't want to see "yes" or "no", although there's nothing wrong with that. I just want everyone to see the pros and cons of both sides.

    - -Fresh worlds with new update items appearing closer to wild spawns and outposts
    - 1.3 generated structures, biomes, and resources will have a chance of generating everywhere


    - People living in the wild would have their hard work taken away.
    - Things like end portals would have to be re-found
    - Initial lag while worlds are explored.

    (There's probably more pros and cons, I'll add them as we go.)

    Again, keep the arguing to a minimum. I am in favor of not resetting, but it's your, the community's, opinion that matters here. What do you think?
  2. As has been said before. The cons greatly outweigh the pros. The only reason there was a reset at the last update was because of new biomes and the world was getting very muddled up.
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  3. Well we need the new ores so we do need a reset!!!
  4. A fresh wild sounds nice about now.
  5. No reset because: 1) People would have to find their spawners for grinders and such agian and 2) Having Emerald exist would not be a good idea (I know that you can still find out if you go out far enough to generate new chunks) because you could use currency (rupees) to buy currency (Emeralds) and that would create the ultimate paradox.
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  6. I have a small issue with you posting this "pros" as if it is stone cold fact... when in actuallity this was fixed/addressed LAST wild reset. If you remember, the PRA's were not working on most of the smps, AFTER the reset they were tested and fixed. So, "no nuke zones" can be fixed without the need of a WILD reset, the PRA simply needs to be reset. And as far as "more natural resources", as far as I am concerned there is more UNEXPLORED wild then there is EXPLORED wild, so stating that there will MORE of something that is pretty much infinite is a little bit unrealistic.

    My suggestion? Change it to:
    -Fresh worlds with new update items appearing closer to wild spawns and outposts

    You will have access to new ores with the current wild, the reset is not required to allow for new ores since they will/can be generated within the current wild in ungenerated chunks and unexplored areas in the wild, ie. the "black" parts of the livemap...which there is a vast amount of.
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  7. I have said this before MANY times and I will say it again
    All we are really getting is ONE new block that spawns
    We need to wait for smp10-11
    The wild generated structures are not that big of a deal all they provide is about a week of free stuff for maybe a handful of players
    Now if it was adding say 20-25 new blocks and new biomes and all that it would be more necessary, but all we are getting is emerald ore. THAT'S IT
    And don't tell me that "but we will get exposed mossy cobble" and "Omg free TnT and diamonds in the pyramids"
    This isn't really that big of an update in the way of spawning items
    Sure villages will look a bit different but for how long? A week? Maybe two?
    The majority of those who want a reset are the people who are to lazy to spend more than 15-30 minutes mining and getting ores
    We still have unexplored caves less than 2k blocks from spawn!! ( I know this because I have seen some but not explored due to full invo) I am sure we will get a new Smp in the next few months and everyone can enjoy the new stuff then.
    And by then there may have already been another update more deserving of an entire wild reset.
    [edit] and also there is a LOT of unexplored wild out there,if people would only take the time. The Chunks that are unexplored are RANDOM people, they will generate emerald ore and all that good stuff when you go and explore them(these are the black areas on the Live Map)
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  8. As of now I think that smp10 and smp11 or not in our near future, but you are right though. The Reset will only benefit the lazy.
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  9. I agree
    And even if a new server is nowhere near happening
    There are still THOUSANDS of chunks that have not been explored yet, meaning that they haven't been loaded meaning that when the updates come out the new stuff will generate there
  10. Just get the emeralds from villagers, durrr....
  11. Thank you for proving my point. :)
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  12. i voted for the reset mainly because.. i want to update my game.. can we update WITHOUT reseting the wild? or just reseting the black area as many have suggested?
  13. The black area doesn't even need to reset because technically it doesn't exist yet
    No player has gone there therefore the chunks have not loaded ( I think this is true)
    It is possible to update without resetting the wild yes but we will most likely have a vote
    And if we did I think it would be nice to allow everyone to vote on which servers they think should be reset
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  14. No you will be able to. The update would be added to EMC it is just that EMC won't reload all new chunks. You are fine.
  15. Also, why do you need the ores?
    This is what we need to discourage. We need people to vote AFTER they think about things, as they will likely realize that a reset would be totally worthless.
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  16. This is why we have these discussions.
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  17. I honestly see benefit in both sides. Also, I would prefer if you didn't insult each other based on a different opinion. If I were a player, based on how I play, I would vote for a reset every single time. It has nothing to do with me being "lazy" as some have stated. I just prefer new fresh content to look at. I also see the benefit of not resetting if we don't have to based on the "wild builders". Either way one side is getting a bit worse off than the other, and neither side is wrong for wanting what they want. Even if one person's reason was: "I want close jungle temples" and that was their only reason, they are 100% within their right to want that.
  18. Are you going to do an official vote or not?
  19. I voted yes. What ever happened to the wild its destroyed!