Unlock The Admin Flag!!!!!

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Unlock The Admin Flag!!!!

Yes!!! 13 vote(s) 61.9%
No (I'm a Creeper) 10 vote(s) 47.6%
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  1. I hate having to wait for bucky to go online!

    Having the Admin flag locked makes it so people who live in different time zones can't live in the same res! Thats not cool. And it makes the res owner have to do everything! We need the Admin flag unlocked! Are you with me people! Yeah! Unlock it please!

    The admin flag makes it so you can do /res pset jeanzl2000 admin true so the person you gave it to can give flags to other people! This is also great for people with alts!
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  2. I belive that this is coming already at some point :)
  3. Just gonna leave this here for reference :)
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  4. :
    Well All it takes is

    residence.adminflag: false

    residence.adminflag: true

    Then maybe ajusting the permissions and .jars a little but still this is necessary!
  5. Well yes but it's the players fault for giving him admin flag.

    Just because some people killed people with guns doesn't mean you have the right to take guns away from others.
  6. This would be just what I need for my transition!
    Don't even start.
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  7. Its not a question of how hard it is, or how easy it is. Right now, the majority of the flags, once set, give you nearly full access to the res. To the point that players can destroy things. Like the quote from ICC in Jack's post, its not 100% out of the question, and future discussions may bring it about again. But right now, other than just giving another player the admin flag, whats the difference is it than just having all the available flags?

    I know you want the ability to give other people flags. However, like ICC said, we already get a lot of complaints with the flags we have for griefing. Without the admin flag, the only damage that can be done is in full scale and in the range of decision of one person, the Res Owner. If you enable the admin flag, all it takes is one falling out, one bad argument, and your res is suddenly open to everyone. With the admin flag locked, it keeps all the responsibility on the one person who actually needs it. The owner.
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  8. Well yes I understand the "one argument" part but what would Sorta solve this would be if you could give an Officer flag and then the officer could give perms but then the res owner would have to type /y when he logs in so it would be like.

    me: /res pset greifer build true

    [Bucky291 has been notified if he wants "greifer" to have build]

    *Bucky Logs In*

    [bucky jeanzl2000 is asking for greifer to have build. /y or /n ?]
    bucky: /n
  9. .... but then that is no different than your original problem. Having to wait for Player A to log on to give Player B flags. Why not leave a sign or something saying 'Please give Perms to Player B' rather than complicating the process?

    The situation you explained above is the EXACT same way it is now, minus the fact its one command vs. 3. Still not that bad of a price to pay for the knowledge of WHO has perms to your res.
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  10. How about this then
    "Semi Admin"
    Somebody whos "Semi Admin" can only give move and maybe use perms.
    Problem solved??
  11. Because it takes Bucky like 3 weeks to finally do that command
  12. Thats much more foreseeable.

    Then why not just create a 'request' system? Because it seems what you really want is a way for the Player to be notified upon login. So why not just simply create a flag for 'Request' and you can do a simple a command like '/res request flag [use/build/container] [player B]'

    Because the one major 'feature' of having the Admin flag open kind of becomes moot when you have to go through an approval process anyways.
  13. Necessary? what is so "Necessary" about having a flag that allows admin to your res for other people? Honestly that is Un-Necessary, it is a nice add to the game but its not "Necessary". but I'll tell you what, if people really want this why not add it as a perk for "Diamond" Supporters, I'm not saying for gold because I don't think its worth the price for the reason ICC gave of which jackbiggin gave quote to.

    Yes its everyone's own fault whatever happens to their res and whatever they do but you know what? is the admins/mods who end up dealing with the situation and honestly they have enough to deal with right now and adding more to the bucket would not be of the best interest.

    Lets add that if the server gets hiccups or some error happens cause we are human, We might end up allowing players to "De-admin" the owner of the res since the player given the admin perm could also take perms away.

    These are my though's and if this was added I'd prefer it to be a Diamond supporter perk. I just feel it is better administrated that way and it can be less issues for admins/mods also a Win/Win for both parties.
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  14. Then could I hope for something more like "Thats a GREAT idea Star!!!"
  15. Is that not what your profile is for to send pm to your friend "Hi jack I done the oak log's they are in the shop can you do the jungle pls. tnx cya.

    Better then leaving in game signs everywhere with limited text
  16. I bet if this was implemented you would be the only person who ever used it. I don't really see a point to this - I can just give them perms and I usually don't give people perms unless they're building something for me.
  17. Both these Post are exactly what I'd do, The perms are fine just how they are :D
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  18. or maybe something where they can only TAKE AWAY flags?
  19. No because then they could take away the owner's flags.
  20. Bring in the ability to give Admin flag so someone with it can do exactly as you can on your Res and provide the following warning before you confirm you want to give the flag:

    "This Flag allows the nominated Player to have 100% control and power over your Residence. This may lead to your residence being deleted, reset, destroyed, griefed, stolen, taken to the movies and made to pay for the popcorn, treated to an afternoon of pleasant company and light fondling but with no guarantee of a second date. ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DO THIS?"

    Then if someone complains because one of the above happened, mock them.