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  1. looking for some input on an idea I had. What do you think about a website that people who own or run minecraft servers can go to and report IP address of people that they banned for griefing. People who run and own minecraft servers would also be able to then take the IP addresses listed and some how add them to their list of banned people to prevent them from even joining in the first place. By the people running or who own minecraft servers doing something like this I feel it would make our experience playing more enjoyable. Let me know what you think of this idea
  2. there are a lot of issues and stuff with this and most of all it is not legal i could go on there claim i own a server then ddos everyone on that list or worse i could swat every last 1 and o how bad that would be but what about abusive staff? i could ban u for instance and say u griefed then all these other servers would false ban u 2
  3. There's similar stuff out there like MCBans/Glizer. Its a nice concept, but doesn't really work in practice.
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  4. As jack touched on, it's a nice idea, but in practice there are flaws. The primary reason we don't use MCBANS for example is because we don't judge our players based on their actions on other servers. There can be some very unjust bans present that go on this list. Only your actions on the EMC systems are held against your account for that reason.
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  5. if EMC had McBans, I wouldn't be able to connect as I am a master criminal on every other server outside of here.
  6. im banned on a japanese server cause i spoke english....pls no ban emc
  7. i keep getting banned on factions servers, because everytime i raid a base, i get reported and banned :(
  9. but overall it is horrible illegal and u shouldn't compile a list of ips that is a scurrility risk to the people who u ban ex i ban u then anyone can have your ip and find your home job family there is a lot they can find
  10. I used to have a ban on McBans once.. A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I was mod on a server that ran the plugin. The wilderness was hardlocked on Hard by the admins and I was just having one of those days where everything was going wrong, I died away from my base and was enroute to salvage my stuff when I fell off of a cliff by accident into a ravine, and then while going a second time, I got sniped by a skelly and knockbacked right onto a creeper which blew almost instantly.. Stuff kept going bad and so I banned myself to prevent me from venting my foul mood on the players. xD ..I told one of the admins there in our staff meetings and he went in and voided it out..
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  11. Back when MCBans were really just about to get started I know I was banned lots of times due to people using their powers wrongfully. I checked my bans and my ban history has been deleted so Idk anymore.

    As far as I know, I am banned only on this server in MC
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  12. you cant really find most of that from just an ip, it also isnt illegal
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  13. almost all websites also track IPs and many will store them as well. tracking and listing it is legal in the US.
  14. Nah, wouldn't work. Firstly, we shouldn't be judging other people for griefing on other servers, even though I try to not grief anywhere, for many people certain other servers deserve some bannable offences.
    Secondly, people often get banned on other servers for reasons that EMC wouldn't ban people for.
    Thirdly, ip bans aren't good in the first place as that'd mean I wouldn't be able to get onto EMC as my brother got banned for stealing.
  15. but still it is not fair to the people what is u get hacked then their personal info is at risk their name phone number job criminal record etc there are tons of things and as i said i could dox ddos swat etc them and think of how bad that would be. ex the swat come breaking down your door for a completely false reason because some jerk got your ip

    or someone gives all your personal info to everyone.... or if they fry your router with packets
  16. *Gets banned* *Changes identity* *Unplugs router* No need to worry about swat though. :p
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  17. You seem to have little knowledge about ips. Firstly, no one can steal your personal information if they have your IP. Secondly, your IP address does not lead to your home address, meaning no one can SWAT you. Yes someone could DDOS you, but that is illegal and most websites have your IP address anyway.
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  18. most of the time your isp will notice unusually high packets being sent and reset your ip (usually kicking you off the internet)
    also the load it would take to actually fry someones router would require a huge dedicated slave network that pretty much noone outside of a state government is capable of creating.
    ip's do not give you access to pretty much anything about a person idk where you got that idea and swat only responds after the police have shown up and called them in. there is no direct line to the swat. additionally most police forces now screen anonymous calls in order to prevent fraud.

    every website you log in to has your ip. it really isnt a big deal
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