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  1. It's a me, almost as big as my ego! Still need to fill in the back of the skull, and complete the flag (not shown), and give it a neck. I think I'll build all my shops inside me.
    Any opinions of comments?

    To see this in person /smp9, /v masterkism.


    I also sell some mob heads in the building you can see there on the right ( have all on display, only some for sale), and some livestock for sale in the building to the left. if you want one of those two banners you can sorta see they are sold right where you see them. I know show off builds not advertise stores but hey, what's a small commercial in the grand scheme of things.

    By the way this statue has the most red wool I have ever seen in one place.
  2. Live map view. Still need to close the back of the skull and complete the flag.

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  3. That looks amazing *w*
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  4. Can't believe I missed the original post, this looks pretty awesome. You sure have a big ego sir ;-)
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  5. Wow ^-^

    What will that DC of heads be used for? I visited it :p
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  6. Oh wow, that's big!
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  7. WOW...
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  8. I plan on opening a shop, all of the shop locations will be placed/moved inside the body of the statue. All those heads and others I have collected will be placed in the head of the statue in a museum, the mob heads I have for sale will be in the gift shop of the museum.
  9. After a res move and some more work...

    The res to my south belongs to the #2 guy in my outpost, I've built a petting zoo. and as you can see I've finally finished my statue, sign and all. "bring me yer rupees"