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  1. Wow a lot to digest. Sooo many allowed mods. I wonder which are useful?

    About me. Played a lil' on friends accounts but didn't start playing frequent (aka hooked) until my fiance bought me an account and Realm Oct 2014. Just before he stopped playing as much. I do some PvP ON other servers and my realm is in storage. I am good at handling villagers and getting results from horse breeding. Okay builder. Am fairly adept at WE (was op on a friend's server a while) especially terraforming and moving large items.
    I like to build in medieval styles , specifically N. & Central Europe (Poland-Bohemia-Hungary) red brick castles.
    I do some redstoning, learning more every day. Since I [previously played on pvp servers learning how to make vaults and secret entrances with traps was a must.
    My current avatar is custom and resembles me. My other avatars are a Minotaurette and a Wow Belf.

    *edit: Oh in game the thing I love most when available is FLY (makes building towers and long range explore so much easier). Second favorite is a back command. In pure vanilla I can't live without infinity on a bow, silk touch on at least one tool. I am usually without armor unless custom monsters or PvP. I like to live atop extreme mtn with a swamp and birch forest near as favorite location.

    My usual mods are Liteloader for Forge (my friends server is Forge Bukkit base) with a Minimap (Rei/Voxel)Or waypoint marker (Pin It), Optifine, MCEdit. I don't use resource packs as yet. I keep appearance in vanilla for building usually. I use craptop of ancients which is coal powered and requires the souls of kittens to keep ethernet connection.

    I'm retired from Army. My kids play minecraft too. Trying to find a server I can hang with family and friends..they all lean to Creative/PVE . I will be semi frequent (weekly ) except during building /grinding days.
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  2. Welcome to the Empire, Tama! If you have any questions then feel free to ask us! :)
  3. Welcome to EMC :) My son got me into minecraft and we play together often.
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  4. Welcome, you'll find EMC caters for all ages. I'm sure you'll love it here.
    See you around :)
  5. Welcome to EMC! :D
  6. Welcome to EMC! Enjoy!
  7. Welcome to EMC! I hope you enjoy it!
  8. Welcome to the Empire!
  9. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  10. Hi Tamayoke,

    Welcome to the Empire!

    Well, you could also ask yourself why use mods in the first place? I also use them from time to time, for sure, but I also enjoy myself playing nothing more but vanilla. As in vanilla, vanilla, so no mods at all. Might take getting used to, but it can also be fun.

    As to what mods to use.. Well, I wrote a guide on installing Forge and LiteLoader some time ago and a few players also chipped in with mentioning some of the mods they used. Maybe it could give you ideas?

    As to the Empire: there is a lot to learn :) EMC can be as complex or simple as you want it to be, its really a "play your way" kind of server.

    Maybe a tip: /assist. That is a really nice command to remember when you're new, and it even gives you access to several other commands so that you can learn those as you play along (another option is using the Empire assistant: the 'enchanted compass').

    And when you're stuck there's always these forums and of course the wiki.

    EMC tries to sit close to vanilla gameplay so on regular servers this is not an option. However... There is also the Utopia server (a supporter server) where only supporters can claim a (one) residence. Thing is: its a 120x120 residence (so twice as big as on a regular server) and you can actually fly here.

    So who knows... Maybe something to think about in the future?

    Note: I pointed you to the official supporter page, but the vouchers which you can use to obtain "supportership" for one month can also be bought in-game.

    Well, that is also doable on EMC, though different.

    As you probably have seen EMC centers around town, the town world where everyone has their own 60x60 residence. Fully protected I might add, and it adds several enhancements (like teleport signs for example).

    Next stop is the wasteland, used for mining. And further more: the Frontiers. Unprotected, so you need to be aware of possible griefers (you can lock chests here) and there are some rules involved when it comes to establishing ("claiming") an area of your own, but once you have you could opt to actually live in the wilderness. A true survival world so to speak.

    And the best part: the Frontier is a non-resetting world.

    Well, there you have it. A quick, personalized, guide into EMC. I hope this can be somewhat useful for you :)
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  11. This also serves as a good intro to how any given thread will look, with a bunch of people giving quick little messages before ShelLuser posts a massive wall of text, bigger than the OP. ;)

    Also, just to clarify, they're actually four times as big as regular residences (60x60 vs 120x120).


    Anyway, welcome to the family, Tamayoke; I do hope you'll enjoy your stay with us. And to everyone else, I guess we'd better prepare to all be sad when she eventually leaves. :p
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  12. oops, thanks! :oops:

    So I guess that means I can use all that other empty space on my res. after all. That's good to know ;)
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  13. Hi Tama. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  14. Well, I like it that the community is up with new members : 3. I can't decide if I want to try and make a frontier town or stick with a nice manor in the town
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  15. Welcome!!!!!!! :)

    Enjoy your stay EMC :)
  16. Welcome,

    I hang mostly on SMP8. If you need help or need to talk to someone I am always on the forums or in game.