Two person shop sign.

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  1. My idea is a shop sign with two people on it. The end.

    But seriously, my idea would allow two people to be part of a shop, so profit is split equally. Essentially, only the original shop creator cold set it up, but you would put the player you want to share profit with into the top line instead of leaving it blank. If the player exists, then they will show up and won't if they don't. It has almost no possibility to be abused, because if you want to share a shop sign that buys items the business partner must give consent to give half the rupees to buy the items via either a /promo like toggle, or mail. There could also be a player setting to require consent for shops that sell if you are worried about people abusing your username. Either way, you would get a book with the names of the people that shared a shop with you for the past day and how many. Since you would only get the book once a day, you will not be able to spam anyone with mail.

    I will clean up the block of text later.

    Post any improvements to this idea!
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  2. I could see it being abused with sell signs.

    You could use an alt to take their money, empty the chest, and do it all over again.
    I like the idea though, if it could be made to work it would be great!
  3. I'm sorry could you clarify?
  4. Player A sets up a sell shop sign shared with Player B. Player A's-alt then sells to the shop, transfers the money and items back to player A, and the cycle starts over again.
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  5. What if nick5013 *shudders* and I sold 50 stone slabs for 1 rupee? Who gets the profit?
  6. Simple: if one of the players is no longer available then the rupees should go to me instead :) It will be rough, having to deal with all those spammy status messages, but its a burden I'm willing to undergo. All for the good of the Empire of course :p

    Ok, I little more serious: I'm not so sure that this would be a problem, assuming we're talking about going derelict. Because even if a player is derelict then you can still pay him/her money.
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  7. The Empire Community would like to thank you for taking one for the team. :p
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  8. Personally I think its a great idea and occasionally I have thought why can't two people have a business? It would save a whole lot of calculator time and would be a real convenience to some players.:)
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  9. I want this to be added
  10. I dont see this coming to EMC, however, I believe it is a good idea. I feel like most of the "negatives" here could be addressed.
    1 rupees scenario: alternate or only give to the shop creator
    alt scenario: don't make one with an alt when you can just /r pay them instead
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  11. I don't think there would be enough physical space on the sign so another system would have to come in that way.
  12. I'm pretty sure he meant who would get paid, would the rupee be split in half? Not that nick is derelict.
  13. Here's the issue.

    You talk about profit splitting, but it isn't clear how that would be accomplished. With even numbers, the sale price can be split, but that isn't splitting the profit, because it completely ignores the cost of the item.

    Suppose Player A spends hours stocking the chest with diamonds, which sell for 120r each. He only gets 60r from the sale, when diamonds are worth at least 100r. Meanwhile, Player B did nothing and gets half the money. In this case, the profit is something like 10r, because the 100r is a price you can easily get without having a shop.

    It also isn't clear where a second name would fit on a sign, as there are only 4 lines and all 4 are presently in use.

    A potential alternative is to provide the API which I've suggested and this would allow for the development of third party programs that could use the rupee history to perform whatever calculations and determine the correct profit split. For example, a third party program can read Player A's rupee history, and realize that 20r of profit was generated, so Player B should get 10r. Player A would then pay Player B at a regular interval if there was a balance remaining. Players would not only know the amount they earned but have better tracking of exactly how they earned it as well.
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  14. This would be good for me, me and my mom are making a mall together. So far the idea is to have a side each, both with the same items and same prices. So we both sell things but at no advantage to each other. And its also a good way to have things in stock.

    This idea would be good but for who is the question, for me its good. Others maybe not. We already know what new people are like, they give permissions to anyone. I don't need this, but it could be good for me whatever way its made to work.
    Maybe set a command for it all, so you could do a command that gives a % of the sold items earnings to another person. No sign problem then.
    Just a note here: Why would you agree to split anything unless its someone you trust?
    A lot of commands and things in the game are only meant to be given to people you trust.

    But the above would solve your problem Azoundria, give a % that fits to the persons amount of work they put in.
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  15. I don't see what's stopping someone going imma put AlexChances name on a sell sign and all the money is taken from him but you have access to th chest and he dosent

    EDIT: unless for example the player could do /shop sign f. And if the player wants to enable it for a certain player do /shop sign lukafolz t for example
  16. Good point. I had assumed that in this case, both individuals would have to give consent to the sign somehow. Without that, of course there is a potential for abuse with sell signs.
  17. Interesting idea, but I'm sure there would be quite some problems to work out first.
  18. another issue is for example AlexCHance and Rainbowchin won't fit on the first like on a sign :p
  19. Very good point. I've been thinking about this a little; a possible solution could be a double chest which has 2 shop signs assigned to it. So both players would have to add their own sign after which the system would know about the dual approach.

    Or "linking". Comparable to what we're doing with teleport signs: first you "activate" the targer (/res tpsign) and then you place the sign which 'links' itself to the original location. Maybe that could also be done for shop signs... Although I can't help wonder if things wouldn't become a little too complex (also when looking at the optional gained advantages).

    So; you have a (fictional) flag "shop" which allows players to link themselves to a shop sign. When a player has that flag assigned he could use something as "/res shopsign" after which he can click an existing sign to link his account to it. From there on the sign would be a "multiple sign" or something like this.
  20. or people can do the simple thing and use maths
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