Tutorial Update Part 2

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  1. Over the past few weeks we have been doing a lot more paid advertisement, and working on making sure we are optimizing our advertising.

    The tutorial has been the biggest thing hurting us, at a low of 45% of all new players quitting in the tutorial!

    Recently, I shortened it (Part 1 thread), dropping our loss rate to 30%.

    I've been pushing Max and Krysyy to get the new tutorial ready, but max, krysyy and the build team pushed hard to get us another iteration out to get closer to our goal of where we want the tutorial to be...

    So here we are part 2.

    This new tutorial is a straight line, informative only, keying in important details of the Empire.

    Then at the end is a single portal to end the tutorial.

    The primary reason for this design change is that players were getting lost in the tutorial, there was too much open area for people to explore and get distracted.

    Tons of players ask "where is survival" - the tutorial was so "open" they didn't realize they were in a tutorial!

    We hope this new design will be very obvious, and let them get through it and onto playing and enjoying the Empire.

    Go check it out with /tutorial (sadly all easter eggs are removed, can't find a good way to put them in this design)
  2. First again :p And also it looks amazing! Thanks to Max, Krysyy, and the whole build team for creating this awesome tutorial and lets hope it will bring more empyreans! =)
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  3. So much happiness for such a meaningless accomplishment lol.
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  4. Woot! I helped build this :p

    Here's to hoping this helps gain more players!
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  5. Well you see, every time you get 1st in a thread, a baby is born. See.

    Empire Minecraft. Making babies everyday.

    EDIT: That sounded wrong..
  6. It did xD
  7. Fine. Lets rephrase.

    Every time you get 1st in a thread, a kitten is saved from a tree.
    Empire Minecraft. Saving kittens everyday.
  8. Back on the topic, you did an astonishing job on the tutorial. I feel it is SO straight forward, it will probably get players really fast.
  9. What are the loss rates now?

    That question about the most important rule really confused some people for some reason :I
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  10. We need to give it a few days - any statistics at this point would not be useful due to the relatively smaller sample size.
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  11. If you use any sample size less than 2000, I will be very disappointed.
  12. well at the current rate of 750 new a day.... I don't think thats an issue.
  13. Good. :) It was more of a reference than a "demand" though lol. :p
  14. One thing I have noticed is, we get people who come out of the tutorial and are like "WHERE ARE FACTIONS? WHERE IS PARKOUR!?" Uh...I searched all over and didn't see that posted anywhere that we have it. >.> Is there someone out there advertising that we have this stuff? Maybe put in the tutorial that we don't TECHNICALLY have that stuff unless it's on someone's res? OR Maybe like how SMP4, 5 and 6 have one of the giant Empire reses with a special thing (Fire Floor, PVP, MA) do a Parkour one? Just a thought. I don't know how to fix losing people to no factions. :c

    Edit: Dang I hope this doesn't derail the thread, it's relative to Tutorial and losing people >.>
  15. Well, looking at the last 2.4 hours is looking really promising =P it keeps going down

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  16. People just expect factions. lol. Every other server has them - so where are they? lol.
  17. I'm not advertising it, but I think some random server list entry a player added one day has +parkour tagged on it...
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  18. Wh wh what!!??!!YOU said what!! "Go check it out with /tutorial (sadly all Easter eggs are removed, can't find a good way to put them in this design") You joking...
    Easter eggs was removed on Easter Sunday :O this is a evil and bad day for us all, we must prepare for the worst.
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  19. I absolutely love the new design of the tutorial. My only wish is that I could have been on the team that designed it haha. I do agree with Aikar that hiding easter eggs in the tutorial would be rather difficult due to the hiding spots being fairly obvious. Maybe he can just hide the eggs on staff member residences or town spawns across all the smps or something haha.
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