Tutorial Improvements - 1/10/14

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  1. I have taken advice of many and made some big improvements to the tutorial!

    Upon joining, players are given a "Getting Started" guide book to EMC.

    This book will give the players most of the knowledge they will need, as well as a reference list to many useful commands and useful Residence flags.

    Also, the tutorial entrance has been improved, giving some more information upright on the signs, and really stressing to not skip the tutorial.

    And finally, a majority of the skip tutorial signs have been removed!
  2. This sounds good :p
  3. Can normal players redo the tutorial and get the book?
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  4. Yay hopefully less skipping, I'm really loving this book idea! :D
  5. Yea, what he said. I would like to go through this again myself. Can I do that? Or at the least, get a copy of the book. :)
  6. Sorry its only given on joining EMC for first time, otherwise people would be able to spam get free books
  7. ...I made a new account literally 2 days before this...
    I want the book XD
  8. Maybe I can buy a book lol
  9. Well there goes the book market....

    Loving the update, thanks Aikar! :)
  10. 1 book per new player is going to kill the book market? lol I think it'll be ok :p
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  11. 5,000 new players later... :p
  12. You don't think people make way more than 5000 books a month lol? Plus, most are going to either keep it for reference/safe keeping, or likely lose it.

    Plus this book is enchanted/lored so im sure the collectors will love to buy em special...
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  13. That's at least 10,000,000 rupees in correct questions though too, so one book each shouldn't be that bad.
  14. I have put up a thread in the businesses forum regarding my copy of the new tutorial book: :)

    New Tutorial Book

    For those of us who can't do the Tutorial again for get this. Perhaps you'd at least like a transcribed copy of it's contents at least?
  15. Please make a /promo so everyone can get one tutorial book.
    Thank you.
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  16. Yes. /promo would be GREAT
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  17. thatd be awesome
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