New Tutorial Book - Transcribed

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  1. Well, I was kindly given one of the new tutorial books by a newbie, and decided to make my own copy which I can make copies of.

    The transcribed copy signed by NZScruffy is on sale for 200r at res: 10034

    I hope that's ok with staff? :)

    For those curious, this spoiler contains an image of all the text from the book. I have not posted it as actual text so you can't easily copy it into a book yourself. You can do it the hard way like I did. Or buy my recreation. :p


    Great idea btw, but I think it'd be excellent to re-write this book even better. Using color, and better formatting. :)

    It has inspired me to write some books myself with helpful info.... Which should be available this time next year. :p

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  2. Will rewrite it later, preferabally in a way we can update the copies people already have too (ie controlled by code).
    Just, I wanted quick results so I wrote some basic code and wrote the book up last night.

    It's at least extremely helpful in current state.
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  3. It definitely is!

    And the fact it's not 'signed' means people can use it to write other stuff down, which is awesome!

    I just spoke to a newbie in SMP5. Encouraged him to write down some res numbers of useful shops etc in the book. So handy tool IMO.

    If you decide to sign the book later (which you probably will), maybe also include a book and quill in the starter gear?
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  4. That just makes me want a soulbound book and quill
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  5. Good suggestion for future promo! :)
  6. Great idea!!! Possibly give it to people in the tutorial. "If you need help, read the book"
  7. It already is, this book is a copy of it.
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  8. Oh

    Hour later *Slaps head forever*
    *Blonde hour later*

    Didn't know that...
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  9. UPDATE: Book reduced to 50 rupees each.
    NB: A single letter typo was found at the very end of the book. This does not affect the meaning of the content.

    Also, if anyone has any cool useful books they would like to sell, let me know, Could set up additional book-stalls for them.