Turning your profile picture into a MTG trading card!

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Are you happy with your card?

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  1. I would like to make MTG trading cards using your profile pictures. If you would like this I will create it for you and post it here. Here is an example of 1 recently made.


    You may choose to any of the specifics such as type, if it's legendary, what color(s) it is and a title. Please post the info in your post thanks!
    An album of all the cards

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  2. What is a MTG trading card?
  3. Magic the gathering one of the first TCG games ever made.
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  4. And what is all that?
  5. TCG stands for trading card game. Magic the gathering is a one of many TCGs and one of the most popular in which 2 players use 60 card decks to battle against each other trying to reduce their opponents life points to 0. Also you don't need to be a player to have a card made so you want one?
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  6. is a card trading game, like pokemon

    And make me one, why not?
  7. Correct
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  9. Can I have one :p
  10. Absolutely
  11. Can I get one, please?
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  13. I would love to have one!!!
  14. Is it possible to have mine since my profile is a gif?