Trying to get back into EMC, how?

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  1. I used to play this server in 2011 back in beta 1.8 - 1.2.3 on another account called james10199
    It wasn't my account, it was actually my neighbour's one. We shared the account and played on seperate servers / singleplayer. I introduced him to the server one time and he got himself banned for PvP (which he says he was framed for, but it was so long ago it doesn't really matter anymore). He appealed, and since EMC had this "no people under 15" rule at the time (or something like that, I just remember this was a mature community) he stayed banned. RIP

    So I got my own account back in minecraft 1.3 and I rejoined, played a whole ton, got a good res, good stuff, lots of rupees, failed at beating withers and stuff because aussie lag, and played all the way until special mobs and bosses were starting to be released. That was in 1.6. I was banned for hacking, probably because I was going through a bad and cringy phase (and a waste of a diamond rank I bought a few days earlier). I appealed a year later and I was allowed on the server. Many things have changed since then.

    So, I joined the server just as PlayTehMinecraft (someone who I met back in 1.6 and was a complete EMC Addict on smp9 lol) was leaving, and because we were friends she gave me some of her gear and stuff to help me get back on my feet. It helped a lot, but I just didn't have motivation to do anything. A Wilderness city I frequented a lot had been abandoned, and I felt it was hard for me to build a shop. I bought Gold supporter to help with exp and stuff but I kinda just became inactive (the supporter rank expired, kinda just wasted it again lol)

    Now I just log in, log out every week or two just to keep my res and items. I don't know what to do, most of my good stuff broke and I have an abandoned storage shack and half-working farm. I really need motivation, but I have no idea what to do.

    I want to have a nice res with farms and a shop, lots of rupees, end game items (also forum selling double chests of rare stuff) and maybe even create my own town in the wilderness. However, how can I motivate myself to do these?

    Thanks for reading, please give me some ideas on what to do.
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  2. Alright I'm not the best person to ask as my building motivation went downhill a while ago. However, the best thing to do, in my opinion, is make tons of friends, close ones, so every time you log on, you have someone to talk to and more often than not, they will have a project they will be working on that you can help with and you can even gain rares in the wastelands gathering their materials. But the best thing to do is just stay active, ideas will come to your mind, you can complete anything you put your mind to! If you need help or someone to talk to, I'm very active on smp3, stop by sometime :)
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  3. That's an idea. I had friends back in 2011-13 but now most of them have left / can't remember me like iamkhatru :(

    However, since I'm in australia there just isn't a lot of people on when I log in...

    What smp server has the most players?
  4. There isn't really a server with the most players. A while ago there was a thread asking which was the best server and everyone had a different answer :p The best server is just the sever you like.
    EDIT: found the thread, just read the first few comments any you will see what I mean.
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  5. I remember you Play, hope you remember me too, still playing at SMP9 ;)
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  6. Needed to get back into the mood a few weeks back after my IRL changed a lot (finished a big thing and moved continents). This is what I did with my desktop:

    Other ways:
    Start bidding on auctions
    Raise funds by voting
    Join an outpost -> see signature :D (I am close to your timezone)
  7. You know, I am probably one of the oldest members who plays.

    What really interests me is the community. Find some friends to play with and balm you have something to do. You are more than willing to join me at my outpost and we can create some cool things.
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  8. How did you do that to your desktop? What plugins?

    I'm not Play :( she left.

    I used to go by Kingofcreeperz1 if that helps.
  9. I am on a linux system with KDE as desktop, so most of the widgets come preinstalled. From top left to bottom right:
    Folder view, Web preview, Quicklauncher, Game mode, Photo frame, Photo frame.

    I am sure you can find similar apps/widgets or whatever they are called on other systems.
  10. My recommendation is to take part in the events on the servers, you can check the calendar for those. Until then, hit up the pvp arena (/pvp on SMP6) or just go randomly exploring the frontier.

    One thing I wouldn't do is force yourself to play a game if you're not interested in it. It should come naturally.
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  11. Difficult one. At the risk of sounding negative (not my intent!) I still think you should pay good attention to Wayne's suggestion above. Does Minecraft as a whole still give you some pleasure? That is an important question to ask yourself. Hanging out with friends can help, but I don't think it's wise to rely on it. Problem is: what happens when your friends get tied up with other things to do? If you evolve yourself solely around others then that could backfire at times.

    So, my ideas... Probably not applicable here but I'm still mentioning it: take a break. Sometimes that can work miracles.

    Second.. set a goal for yourself (awesome thread by tuqueue btw). But its true; it can help. Now, I don't really play with set goals in mind (sort off; right now I do have a goal to finish a nice treasure hunt before next month) but it can help.

    Villagers! I often read this in town chat: "anyone got a job for me?". Well, these guys do. All the time! I did this myself a few times and it can be fun. Try to fulfill some villager trades. Even gets you a nice bunch of emeralds too.

    Do something completely different for a change. Few weeks ago (probably longer, time flies): I got a little stuck myself and then recalled that I had never raided an ocean monument before. And I had a new goal... (note: even got some help and we leveled it too (after defeating the guardians we also started to break the monument down)).

    Get a boat :)

    Nah, now I'm being a little silly but even so... I did that. /waste ended me up with water, so I grabbed a boat, set sail and figured "I'll go mining where I land" (which reminds me of something else)... Alas; I found land, I mined. And it was a very profitable haul too!

    Go survivaling!

    I really like doing this... Pick a server other than the one you're on (this allows you to stop whenever you feel like it) and don't bring anything with you. /waste, and off you go. Run off and try to survive. Which also means to put a little distance between yourself and the outpost; griefers could be lurking. Sometimes I do "cheat" though and bring some food too, but this can be really fun to do. I prefer doing this in the wastelands myself so that I can mine as much as I want as well.

    Note: you need to have a certain mindset for this. Mine is: I build only with stuff I found in /waste, so... "what comes from waste goes to waste". Basically referring to the resets. I make sure to keep the valuables out (ender chest and such) but everything else... p00f, and we'll start all over again.

    Help out other players!

    It can be so much rewarding... And I'm not talking rupees or such, within this context I honestly couldn't care less about that. No, I'm referring to meeting new players, learning new stuff, seeing new build techniques, learning how others do things, etc. This is a clichéd quote I picked up in a fantasy novel (Dragonlance novell even: 'The Legacy' from "The Magic of Krynn") but even so it holds truth to it: "Help the world and by doing so you're helping yourself".

    Food for thought?

    But yeah, most important here is to make sure that Minecraft still pleases and amuses you.
  12. Smp7 has just accumulated a few australians. there is two different wild communities that are growing really fast. The players there, satchiko, iamgodzchild2 and at the other one mr_niko and master_builder(a family of minecrafters) are all on almost every day around this time. satchiko just went to bed about an hour ago. This is around the time I will be heading off to bed, now that im back on second shift so you would see me a lot too.
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  13. Lots of good suggestions here. I also wanted to mention the new friends system, which will tell you when people you have friended log in and where. I didn't think I would ever use/want anything like that, but I accepted a few requests and I am now feeling like it's a really nice feature.
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  14. Aussies rule, smp4 rules
  15. BUT... smp2 is the home of AussieZaid :)
  16. Yes, but less than it has previously. I enjoy making Note Block songs and that is what I mainly do now.

    My short-term goal is to get Prot IV Unb III armour and a very large food supply.

    My long term goal is to create an outpost with many buildings.
    I did this last time, made a house, got ores and other nice things, but I did it on the same server I had with /town and this was before /vault or /waste so it would probably be a different story now.

    But, who can I help when chat is dead at the hours I join?

    Thanks for the tips, very helpful :)

    Rainmeter on windows, GeekTool on mac.
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