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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by bobxox, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. So I want to settle down on one smp server but the one i used to go on (smp 7) seems to be quite abandoned and there isn't a massive sense of community as nobody talks. Anyone know which server is the most active/alive?
    Thanks, Angel (bobxox)
  2. meep smp2
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  3. Well I think it was yesterday that we had 5 mods on smp1 at once! So you can come to smp1 and ignore Everyone else writing here :). And we are social there.
  4. Quite Honestly you haven't talk to me on there when I am on smp7 :p

    I'm probably the largest loud mouth for smp7.
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  5. smp2 or smp9 :)
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  6. Capita_Foxy is now sad, bobxox don't want to talk to him :D
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  7. haha ok lol
  8. See! If xHaro_Der says smp1, you gotta trust him :D
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  9. Seriously I feel more at home at smp1 then at my home in real life and I think many more feel the same way!
  10. smp3/smp5

    edit: i wouldnt say these are the best community as all servers as a whole would be the best. but these are my home servers and they are the servers ive spent all my time on
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  11. Where the SMP8ers at?! SMP8 for sure, what other SMP has it's own personal welcome message? :D
  12. A welcome message.. It's a liability disclaimer lol!
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  13. I like to think of it as a personal touch nonetheless ;) haha
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  14. Dubchef we don't need a personal welcome message because we welcome our new friends by typing ourselves
  16. On smp1? That's arguable haha, everytime I'm on there it's like a ghost town :p
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  17. Smp3 is only social because of me xD
  18. Sry if we haven't welcomed you! You, me, xHaro_Der and bobxox can come to my place and discuss stuff together. I have cake and cookies! :)
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  19. Yes please :D
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