tried to buy supporter & rupees but credit card function does not work.

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  1. I tried to buy rupees and support vouchers in the package deal today with the credit card option and was told with an error message that my card does not work. I called the credit card company and they say the card was run for $0.00 at that specific time and it is the merchant that is refusing to accept the card. my card is good. I have sent Rainbowchin a message concerning this earlier today but have not heard back. I tried to make this same purchase a month ago and it did not work then either. I wanted to spend a bit of cash but when it does not work I think well, maybe I don't need to do that.

    can someone insert that picture of futurerama with that guy saying take my money!

    So if we can get the credit card feature fixed so we can spend, ahem, help support EMC, that would be great. Let me know whats up

  2. Are you looking for Fry saying 'Take my money!'? If so, here it is!
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  3. Ace, I alerted Aikar.
  4. thank you pinkCaker, that's exactly how I feel at the moment lol.

    and thanks to you as well evil toad.
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  5. What is the exact error and at what point of the process? Does it let you submit the purchase but then no confirmation? Is it a prepaid debit card or an actual credit card (sometimes people call the prepaids credit cards so I have to ask)? Do you have another card you can try?

    Can you try this link? and put in the price that the item costs? If that works then you can PM us and then manually deliver the item.

    Ultimately it boils down to PayPal.

    They are stricter about subscriptions usually, but rupees and vouchers usually don't give problems.

    There's honestly nothing we can do as PayPal handles our billing and will not discuss issues with your account with us, and we do not have an alternative payment system at this time either.

    You can contact PayPal here:

    Log in if you're using a PayPal account so they can access the records, or even check your transactions for any failure code.

    And please let us know if any resolution you may come to so we can inform others if they have the same issue.
  6. After selecting credit card option and entering all information then hitting the pay button it says something like processing payment and then stops, clears credit card data, leaves name address in the fields and then a bar at the top says....

    The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number.

    The message above is the error message I get when I try to use the credit card option on the purchase. I contacted the credit card company and they told me there is nothing wrong with the card, the merchant wont accept payment. The card is a capital one Visa credit card. Not a prepaid. I discussed the situation with the customer service of the credit card company

    Here is what he told me...
    service agent-
    05:36 PM

    I show that the transaction was made at 17:20:07 and it was approved for $0.00 from the merchant.

    Service agent

    05:36 PM

    There is no problem with the card.

    The agent told me the card is good, it is the merchant that is not allowing the purchase.

    I tried to charge more than $0.00 Though I wont put that out on the open forum. I do have some other info to share that might be of use but is of sensitive nature and will come in a pm.
  7. This has happened to me before too. Though i was using a prepaid debit card, which needed to be registered first before i could purchase items online.
  8. If you are doing this on a cell phone, that's the source of your errors. It happened to me repeatedly.

    Try doing it on a laptop/pc if that is what you did.

    Now, if you are trying to buy them via a PC, then I got nothing. Good luck!
  9. This is just a suggestion obviously...

    Have you ever considered getting a Paypal account? That's what I'd try: get a Paypal account, optionally link your credit card but personally I'd simply add some cash to your online "piggy bank" instead and then pay on EMC using your Paypal account (and online Paypal credits).

    That's how I always purchase my support vouchers.

    Other than that (just quoting Aikar to make sure his comment doesn't get burried):

    I'm pretty sure Aikar meant that you pay EMC and they will then manually deliver the item ;)
  10. thank you those of you pondering this situation. I believe I realize why I am unable to purchase from EMC, it is as Aikar said "It boils down to PayPal". Paypal is the only payment method and I don't do paypal. I had an account at paypal at one time but lets just say there was "griefers" involved and now I don't.

    I guess I am doomed to working like a slave to earn my rupees and the property that I have my eye on will probably be available again by the time I earn enough rupees at the sheep farm to get a supporter voucher lol.

    thanks again everyone.
  11. Maybe have someone you know that has Paypal pay for you, and then pay them back? :)
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