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  1. So this thread is going to be my personal blog type thing of Empire adventures and misadventures.
    The tale of Tower unwoven for all to read. A place so bizarre even the author gets lost.
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  2. The End: /wild
    So my first trip to the End since the reset was fruitful. I managed after 2hrs of searching to find an End city with a ship. I was oh so happy that the Elytra and Dragon head were still there.

    The second time i went to the End. I went around searching for End city's and about 1 1/2 hours into walking and bridge building. I found a city with a ship. I took my prizes and headed back to the portal. The portal was about 5k blocks away. So with each new island traveling back I stacked end stone towers to launch myself back home. I flew off of a dirt tower and unknowingly glided right to another End city ship. Luck would have it I now had a third Elytra. So i continued to towards my return to the home portal. It was within my grasps just a thousand blocks away. I thought not a problem. So i build a tower soaring me into the sky. I started to glide, when i began to notice there were no islands in my sight. I had glided into the void, losing all my shiny new toys. Goodbye Elytra, goodbye Dragon head, goodbye to the end rods that now are dead.

    Long story short first time i went to the End i had brought an ender chest. Second time out i forgot it and lost everything.
  3. The End: /Waste
    My Adventures,

    The End of the End. A tale of triumphs so fruitful you'd swear I was lying. "The map never lies." - Remus Lupin. As so the pictures I've posted also tell no lies. When I set out to explore the vast void. I bring the goodies to collect the goodies. The endermen have the shakes and our bringing all the boys to the yard.
  4. The Waste within the SMP:

  5. The /Wilds of EMC:
  6. The Nether:
  7. The Random:

    1) It blows my mind when i find out someone in real life is opposite from that of their Minecraft counterpart.
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  8. Momentus:

    So I took on a Momentus on diff 10 on my own and was rewarded very nicely for it.

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  9. FireFloor:

    Round 1 /October/6th
    I've fallen and I can't get up...
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    Round 2
    first time ever lasting so long.
    fell 2nd to last.

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