The End of the END

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  1. So I was in the End and I came upon the End.

    Raided 4 different ships. I was surprised that there were so many untouched End cities still left.
  2. I guess there is bound to be more out there <gets gear frantically to go out and find one>

    Of course i need to get back on for me to do that :p
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  3. So after all those raids I finally came down with cabin fever or maybe it was just deliriousness from all the Chorus Fruit.

    I had to escape the void by any means necessary. So I made a care package for some stranded newbie.

    And then I took the dive right into the void.

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  4. Here it is September 28th A long time since a reset.

    After all the Shulker box talk I got a hankerin to go explore.

    So I thought to my self, lets go to the End.

    I'm currently in the End on smp2 /waste s

    I've found 2 un-raided End Cities.

    I'm still searching for more or until I run out of food.

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  5. Had a very worth while time in the End today.

    Don't really feel like I need to explore anymore.

    However curiosity is keeping me from plunging into the void.

    I suppose I'll stay until the ender pearls are gone.

    My bed is like 4,000 block from where I'm at.

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