My name is CallMeTower

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I've been a member for a month and have to say this is a fun site. I'm on smp2 and wouldn't trade it for any other server. Unless you payed me to move. lol
  2. Hi Tower. Welcome to the Empire and the forums. :) It seem like you are enjoying yourself. ;)
  3. Welcome to the Empire and the forums. :) Do me a favour still if you get paid
    to move to SMP8 don't do it, I promise you in less than 24 Hours you will get married, I know the feeling marrying in Minecraft.
    "Cough, Marriage Fish"
    Stay on SMP2, That is also my home server. If you need any help, I am always glad to help.
  4. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  5. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  6. Took me 2hrs but i finally found an End City with a ship. I'm Super excited about my newly acquired finds.
  7. Since you bumped your own thread you better deal with it, you knew the risks up front (or should have) :D

    (and yes, I realize you posted the OP more than one year ago)

    Hello Tower, welcome to the Empire! I hope you're going to enjoy it here. To be very honest I'm a little surprised right now because I assumed that you had been much longer on the Empire. But... your /p info and this post say otherwise.

    I'd suggest being careful with trying to take on the EMC all at once, but since we're approx. half a year further I guess there's no point to that one anymore :)

    Hope you're still enjoying yourself and as you probably know: don't hesitate if you got questions or comments or whatever :)

    Hope to see you sometime in-game! (oh wait; that already happened several times already, guess it's also too late for this comment. Aaaargh, so confusing! :D)
  8. Welcome to the empire ;)
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  9. Well I get around EMC a lot. Plus i'm on almost always on everyday. The only reason I even bumped the thread was to post my pic. If we could post pics on our profile page i would've posted it there.

    Oh well, I guess i'll just keep posting to this thread an unofficial blog type profile page thingy for all to see.
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  10. Yea.. Welcome to emc. ;) You've been around here for a while now.
  11. canu help me find an end city? i never find them.