To Wreck or To Rectify? You Choose

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Player 1 or Player 2 ?

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I'm going to wreck it! 3 vote(s) 23.1%
I can fix it! 10 vote(s) 76.9%

  1. Which will you choose?

    To Wreck?
    I've enjoyed the "Big Dig" events so much, that I started one of my own. SMP1 /waste e is where the current player run big dig has commenced.
    The Goal: Dig down to the bedrock, all around the outpost/spawn.
    All players are welcome to come and dig it out! Anytime you feel like it. Though, I will be working on it during the week, early afternoon hours EMC time, if you want to join me. ^_^
    *Note each time I've been out there, I've seen a Marlix each time, as an added incentive to join in :p

    Or Not To Wreck?
    Another side project I've started on (with Staff approval) Is the restoring of the Wild/frontier.
    Making it look less like a war zone near spawn, and by request of players, the area around their outposts. I had a few dozen Dc's of dirt left over from the Chisel Me This, contest and decided to put them to good use. So if you are interested in joining in the restoration of the wild on SMP1, pm me in game or via the forums, and I will let you know where I'm working on at that moment. :D
    *Note if I can get players to join, and a large enough area fixed; I might have an end project reward for you :p

    So Have You Decided? <3

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  2. I like this :D
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  3. If you need tnt it's at /v +bulk on smp8 :). Thanks for having my ad here by no choice of your own. Muahahahaha
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  5. I just got my desert repaired so I'm pumped :D
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  6. I love this idea! Perhaps you would consider extending this service to other smp's as well? I know that the smp9 frontier definitely looks like a war zone as well. I'm sure other smp's do, as well. I would be willing to contribute some dirt, I have at least 10-15 DC's of it, since I don't throw anything away :D
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  7. Sure! I'm only on SMP1 because it's my home server ^_^ but if anyone wants me to help out in a particular area, just let me know! pm where you'd like me to start first. My goal is to at least get the area's around spawn cleaned up. Then move out from there.

    Shoutout to, neonkillah, ExplosiveBadger2, and Rosy2696, For helping clean up the wild today!
  8. RIP little bunny :(
  9. Midnight Bump
  10. Nice, I got a spot that could do with some touching up. Will PM you in-game
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  11. Gonna be doing this again, but tomorrow :p

    Depending on who responds to me about this will be the determining factor about which I'm going to do. Do you want to build? or wreck?
  12. I still wanna build considering thats more of a priority over destroying the wastelands. :\
  13. What about wrectifying?

    SMP3's center frontier is in needs of repair, if you need an extra spot to repair.
  14. And I've honestly had enough of griefers. It would seem like it would be appropriate to grief if one of the most well respected member on EMC's SMP1 (besides staff) is doing it to the wastelands. And yes Kytula you are a big influence on more than are willing to admit. So I don't think it would be a good idea to support the idea of digging a hole around the wastelands outposts. Some of our nubs still don't understand the difference between Wastelands and Frontier/Wild.
  15. I believe we should also repair the non-freaking wild, to be fair.
  16. Sure... Sure... -_-