To the Owner of sushi drop

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should sushi farm be more automated?

Yes easier acsees and more time for other things on the server 1 vote(s) 9.1%
No I like how it is with the pretty floor 10 vote(s) 90.9%
  1. I dont know who owns sushidrop on smp8, but i am willing to make it auto with all hopper floors for easier convienience. I know the floor looks great but I think it would be more usefull asa whole hopper floor. I already did the math on how much it would take iron wise and with the iron farm close by it wont take long. please reply below with your responce. Again my build crew will not charge for this as it will benifit everyone in the long run.

    also can i keep the bricks from digging up that layer.
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  2. They have it the way it is to reduce lag. Owner is Khixan btw.
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  3. "Sushi Drop" is a public utility for all - one of many.

    I can speak for everyone involved when I say that this will not be happening - all of the SMP8 Public Utilities are designed expressly so that AFKing does not happen - manual collection is required. It's not a matter of resources, but a matter of public use.

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  4. I like it the way it is. Its cool looking, reduces lag as said before, and my opinion much easier to handle with getting the items.
    Plus do you know how long the floor took XD ( I helped build it on my alt ( my main then ) CatNapInn ).
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  5. As a guy who works on the public builds, it is that way because, well, AFK farms can cause drama. Say bob is afk-ing at sushi drop, then jimbo comes to the drop chest which bob has been afk-ing at. Jimbo can take all the pris from the chest, bob complains, drama ensues. With the current system, you have to pick up what drops, meaning no taking from a chest a guy is afk-ing at based drama. Also, as Stew Said, it reduces lag. That many hoppers would lag a lot.
  6. ok i just thought it would be a good idea thats all and offering to do the work if wanted. its cool and i understand why. I just wanted to be nice and help the commuunity.
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  7. If you want to help out the community, why not volunteer with one of the other public utility builds? Click the link in my first post, it'll take you to the main thread for the SMP8 projects. Seems there's always something going on.
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  8. Thanks Obletop for the idea, it's just a lag and drama thing why they went the way they did. Plus emc tries to encourage active playing and community, rather than afk farming. So the current design helps Aikar with his big plans of the server. There's a thread that tries to recruit people for cool public projects that'd love someone like you. The title is Smp8 public utilities I think.
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  9. Thanks Obletop for the thought, and thank you everyone else for chiming in for me :) They are correct; we don't do afk public builds whenever possible. Fe(II) is temporarily like that, but will get switched back to an active kill farm or perhaps with the option to afk or active kill. Still messing with ideas since 1.9 messed it up.

    We have a whole laundry list of stuff still to do and projects if you want to work on one of them. We generally do a project, then take a break for a month or so, then do the next project. Right now, it's break time! Keep an eye on the smp8 Public Wild Utilities thread that Keph linked to see what's going on.

    I am briefly outta bed with 101 fever, not feeling too hot. Been working tush off IRL all week, lots of no sleep. Guess my body has shut me down from working this weekend. I have a few more days to do, client asked for some extra stuff, and then I'll be back around. Cheers all :)
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